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Dynamic.  It’s how you describe the plant-powered media producer, marketing consultant, and speaker. Sean Russell is a media producer with over 24 years of experience in education, music, veganism, and entertainment.

Experience Highlights

In addition to media production, Sean Russell also has experience in web & mobile app development, social media, event planning, and technology. See a full list of experiences.


Over 6 years promoting veganism in South Florida through LIVE events, podcasts, videos and marketing. 


26+ years of experience writing for newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets.


Host and producer of six different series, 2,000+ episodes, and over 1 million downloads.

Production Highlights

A few productions involving Sean Russell. See a full list of productions.

Mr. Russell's Mixtape

Hear over a decade’s worth of music from Sean Russell and his alter ego, Mr. Russell.

Mr. Russell's Class

Mr. Russell hosts two seasons of original raps, news, reviews and Hip Hop music.


A video series spotlighting independent musicians.

Latest Blog Posts

Bob Marley Built a Bridge Made of Love

Bob Marley Built a Bridge Made of Love

I’ve always been extremely proud of my Jamaican heritage and a big part of that is the music. Jamaican culture is at the heart of American culture. Take the birth of Hip Hop music. You also have a handful of Jamaican artists that have crossed over into mainstream...

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