Sean Russell is the District’s new Webmaster. The addition of Mr. Russell to the Public Information Office (PIO) Marketing & Communications team has elevated the District’s web presence and the overall work of the PIO. In less than 7 months on the job, Mr. Russell is now an invaluable member of the team. He has single-handedly taken his position to new heights by implementing increased web functionality, tutorial videos and design aesthetic. These improvements benefit BCPS employees, families and students. Remarkably, Mr. Russell’s reputation as a “go-to-guy” is not just limited to the PIO. Mr. Russell’s reputation has spread throughout the District and not just because of his superior work ethic or web skill, but because he is also a great friend and colleague. Mr. Russell possesses a calm strength, a quality others strive to achieve. With Mr. Russell’s help, anyone can attack and conquer the most challenging assignments.

Valerie Goode

Director, Marketing and Communications, Broward County Public Schools

Mr. Russell has held the position Micro-Tech Computer Specialist at Silver Ridge Elementary for 7 years. Through this position Mr. Russell has consistently demonstrated his knowledge, growth and interest in technology with all stakeholders. He not only educates children and staff in technology but also increases their confidence. His approach is always positive and encouraging.

Under Mr. Russell’s guidance a Technology Club for students was organized in which he has trained students to be “Roving Reporters.” The “Roving Reporters” highlight newsworthy events at our school, complete interviews, and video clips that are supervised by Mr. Russell. The finished product is broadcast to our entire school on the morning news and school website for our community.

Mr. Russell maintains and creates our school website. His talent and creativity truly shine in this task. Video clips and still photos of school events are publicized to our school community enabling all stakeholders to be involved.

Leadership and vision are also strengths for Mr. Russell. He was the co-supervisor for the Silver Ridge After Care program for 7 years. While acting as the supervisor, Mr. Russell safely monitored over 20 staff members in a program of over 250 children.

Mr. Russell also developed and presented a Business Plan for the first District School Based Summer Camp program at Silver Ridge Elementary School in 2009. Based on his vision, there are now over 15 District Summer Camps. These camps allow the students of our District to remain in school-based sites for the summer, thus increasing the marketability of our schools and District.

As one can see Sean Russell has many talents and capabilities. He is a leader, visionary, and an asset to our District.

Saemone Hollingsworth

Former Principal, Silver Ridge Elementary

Sean Russell began substituting at Silver Ridge in 2003. He quickly earned a reputation among teachers for following through with lesson plans and maintaining discipline in the classroom. He was the substitute of choice and thus we kept him very busy. We knew Sean would be a suitable staff member at Silver Ridge. When fitness was added as an activity class under the direction of our PE teacher we knew that Sean was the perfect person for the job. Working as a Fitness Coach with our PE teacher, Sean was dedicated and committed to getting children motivated to be fit. He brought flare and substance to the class by developing a website and fitness mascot, Mr. Gund. Sean became involved in our school and did his best to contribute to its reputation and success by joining our Technology team. His knowledge of technology and commitment to our school has helped our technical growth by leaps and bounds with the addition of Promethean Boards and document cameras. His efforts on our behalf were evident in the constant help he offered to teachers in the area of technology and the support he offered to parents through his website and his parent training.

When technology was added as an activity there was no question regarding the perfect person for the job. Under the supervision of our Media Specialist, Mr. Russell made technology the activity of choice for our students. Sean impacted students as well as staff in the development and enhancement of technology skills. He started our first Technology Club and he found a way to expand our Media production crew by adding Roving Reporters. This crew is a backup to our TV crew and provides a way to include more students and to showcase school-wide events and topics as well as individual student successes. His commitment to Roving Reporters meant that he attended and filmed every scheduled extra curricular activity. Sean has also worked in our Aftercare Program for several years. He remains patient and understands how to care for and motivate students who are tired after a long day of school Within three years he has worked his way from after care worker to co-director of our program.

The position of Micro-Technology Specialist became vacant unexpectedly last January. We knew without question the perfect person for the job. Sean took over the position without notice and again made the job his with dignity and grace. The new job brought new responsibilities including maintaining the school webpage, and inventory. Basically, he is responsible for facilitating all aspects of technology for our school. The staff loves and respects Sean. Many of us have increased our own skills in technology because of Mr. Russell’s quiet, positive tutelage.

It hasn’t been mentioned that during his evolution as a staff member he was also a full time student. He graduated from college in January 2006. Sean is a remarkable professional. We have observed his metamorphous from an intermittent substitute to full time respected leader, and mentor employee who shares the vision of this school and impacts everyone who attends it. It is difficult to capture the essence of his growth and school-wide impact in words. It is an honor and privilege to be his principal.

Marion Gundling

Former Principal, Silver Ridge Elementary

Sean is great at what he does: fast and thorough writing, with plenty of attention to detail. He’s also a solid promoter of his work and the work of his colleagues.

Joseph Luster

Associate Editor, Crunchyroll

Sean Russell is a professional with a genuine wish for your success. Animal Hero Kids is fortunate to benefit from Sean’s expertise and methodology, from the two pages of goals for our marketing plan to Sean’s timetable of achieving them, our association is a win-win.

Susan Hargreaves

Founder/Author, Animal Hero Kids

Mr. Russell is truly a visionary and always think outside the box. Always on time and he provides great results. I enjoy working with Mr. Russell and his team and highly recommend his services.

Darrell Green

Board of Director, Housing Our Veterans Foundation

Sean is a self-motivated, reliant person. He was always pushing the fold in the anime industry, connecting different kinds of people with content that was suitable for Anime 3000’s audience. I think if you needed someone to come up with creative ideas that were also based on a growing and stable trend, Sean is your guy.

Jeridel "Jd" Banks

Former Editor in Chief,, Anime 3000

I can sum up Sean’s key characteristics in three words: inventiveness, industry, integrity. Whatever he’s working on, whatever field he’s working in, he does his utmost to find solutions that deliver for everyone involved and make the most of all the resources available.

Helen McCarthy

Freelance Editor, Flame Tree Publishing Ltd

Sean Russell has served as an intern for the Florida Marlins Community Foundation since February, 2000.

I met Sean at Hallandale High School where I was serving as “Principal for the Day.” Sean was filming an interview which was coordinated through his TV/Production Class.

A few days after the visit to Hallandale High School Sean contacted me about doing an Executive Internship. He sent me his resume and came to Pro Player Stadium for an interview. We decided to hire Sean.

Sean helped us set up a project involving our “over the air: station, Channel 69-WAMI TV. We conduct an online charity auction during each of the 55 Florida games which are broadcast on WAMI-69. In addition, we publish major items for a three week period.

All of the above takes coordination with special attention to timing. When the game goes on the air, we must have our items published and ready for bidding. All of this is dependent on Sean.

With his help we have gained additional publicity for the Florida Marlins Community Foundation and have raised over $3,500 to date!

Although Sean has graduated, he continues to work with us as a paid, part-time intern. He will be helping us until the end of the season which is October 1, 2000. Sean is now able to do most of the work from home.

June 23, 2000

Nancy Olson

Former Director, Community Foundation, Miami Marlins

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