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Dynamic.  It’s how you describe the plant-powered media producer, marketing consultant, and speaker. Sean Russell is a media producer with over 24 years of experience in education, music, veganism, and entertainment.

Experience Highlights

In addition to media production, Sean Russell also has experience in web & mobile app development, social media, event planning, and technology. See a full list of experiences.


Over 6 years promoting veganism in South Florida through LIVE events, podcasts, videos and marketing. 


26+ years of experience writing for newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets.


Host and producer of six different series, 2,000+ episodes, and over 1 million downloads.

Latest Blog Posts

Easy Vegan Ice Cream Recipe with Bananas

Easy Vegan Ice Cream Recipe with Bananas

Try the following vegan ice cream recipe at home for yourself using just a few easy to find items. I first discovered this recipe through a Raw Vegan Workshop with Ahimsa Healers. I've been making it ever since.Ingredients: Frozen Bananas, Frozen Organic Wildberries,...

Production Highlights

A few productions involving Sean Russell. See a full list of productions.

Mr. Russell's Mixtape

Hear over a decade’s worth of music from Sean Russell and his alter ego, Mr. Russell.

Mr. Russell's Class

Mr. Russell hosts two seasons of original raps, news, reviews and Hip Hop music.


A video series spotlighting independent musicians.

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Sean Russell is currently open to collaborating on new projects.