Veganism Experience

Sean works extensively in the vegan community as an organizer, animal rights advocate, media producer, and event coordinator.

Animal Hero Kids

Helps with media production, marketing, and event production.

Heal the Planet

Produced original video content and promotional support as well as logistical support for the event itself.

Mind Body Expo

Hosted a speakers tent along with providing logistical support, promotion, and video production during the event.

Seed Food & Wine

Serves as a marketing consultant, supporting the festival with marketing, event promotion, social media, and media production.

SoFlo Vegans

Founder of a marketing company and media channel focused on making South Florida a global hotspot for veganism.

Vegan Block Party

Provided promotional support leading up to the event and hosted the main event stage featuring influencers, doctors and audience members.

Interested In Working On A Project?

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