Content Marketing and Media Production

Sean Russell is a seasoned media producer and marketing consultant with over 20 years of professional experience, servicing the South Florida community. He specializes in working with nonprofit organizations and small businesses that focus on plant-based living, education and the cultural arts.

Mr. Russell is truly a visionary and always thinks outside the box. Always on time and he provides great results. I enjoy working with Mr. Russell and his team and highly recommend his services.

Darrell Green

Board of Director , Housing Our Veterans Foundation

Experienced Marketing Consultant

Sean Russell has worked with some of the largest organizations in the country (Broward County Public Schools, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, MTV, NBC, Miami Marlins) and provided promotional assistance for over 300 clients in the fields of education, entertainment, and sports.

I can sum up Sean’s key characteristics in three words: inventiveness, industry, integrity. Whatever he’s working on, whatever field he’s working in, he does his utmost to find solutions that deliver for everyone involved and make the most of all the resources available.

Helen McCarthy

Freelance Editor, Flame Tree Publishing Ltd

Committed to Supporting Education

Over 14 years working with children as an elementary school teacher, aftercare counselor, creator of the entertainment channel, Chester is Cool and founder of the media leadership program, Russell’s Roving Reporters.

Mr. Russell also developed and presented a Business Plan for the first District School Based Summer Camp program at Silver Ridge Elementary School in 2009. Based on his vision, there are now over 15 District Summer Camps. As one can see Sean Russell has many talents and capabilities. He is a leader, visionary, and an asset to our District.

Saemone Hollingsworth

Director, Office of School Performance and Accountability, Broward County Public Schools

Community Builder and Leader

Sean Russell is responsible for the development of several communities. This includes the domains of education, music, geek culture and veganism. The community SoFlo Vegans is positioned to become the largest plant-based organization in South Florida, supporting animal rights, health & wellness, and the environment.

Mr. Russell’s reputation has spread throughout the District and not just because of his superior work ethic or web skill, but because he is also a great friend and colleague. Mr. Russell possesses a calm strength, a quality others strive to achieve. With Mr. Russell’s help, anyone can attack and conquer the most challenging assignments.

Valerie Goode

Deputy Chief, Communications and Public Affairs , Oakland Unified School District