Review Sean Russell’s various skillsets.

Seed Food and Wine

Event Production

Production of over 300 events ranging from dinners, farmer’s markets, music showcases, and digital expos.

Information Technology

Information Technology

10 years of experience as a technology specialist with a Degree in Communications.


26+ years of experience writing for newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets.

Sean Russell on The Hustler


Host, emcee, keynote speaker, panelist, actor, commercials, voice acting


Host and producer of six different series, 2,000+ episodes, and over 1 million downloads.

Web Development

Over 24 years of experience as a web developer, video producer, podcaster and graphic designer.

Coming Soon

Sean speaking to principals as a District Administrator.


20+ years of managerial experience ranging from retail to education.

Tio Papi

Social Media

Social Media Manager for brands in the vegan, music, education, film, and funeral industry.

Mr. Russell's Class

Video Production

26+ years of experience producing video content for entertainment and businesses.

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