Where it all began. Samples of videos produced as a Television Magnet student at Hallandale, High.


We talk with Boy Epic about staying true to his creative process, early experiences and the inspiration behind it all."

Rock Photographer

We talk with Jesse Korman of All-Nighters about producing the "Rock Photographer" Mobile app game!

Tru Fam

In this TSUSA Radio interview we talk with twin Hip-Hop duo Tru Fam! The guys talk about playing some larger tours, being comercial and paving a lane for themselves.

O-Lay & Diatonic

The Hip-Hop duo known as O-Lay and Diatonic talk with us about their grind, giving back to their community and what separates them from other Hip-Hop acts.

Matt Toka

Matt Toka talks about his wild ride as an artist. Toka talks about getting signed, getting dropped and getting back on the road.

Dr. Acula

Bill Graffeo, lead guitarist of Dr. Acula talks to us about line up changes, the relationship with their record label and their upcoming album "Nations."

Forever Came Calling

We talk with Forever Came Calling about their upcoming album release "Contender," signing to Pure Noise Records and being in the Warped Tour documentary, "No Room For Rockstars!"


Frankie Palmeri, lead vocalist of Emmure talks to us about their new album "Slave To The Game," re-signing to Victory Records and what they did as a band to get to this point!

Renee Yohe

Topspot USA producer Frankie Nobile chats with singer Renee Yohe about her new transition into music.


TopspotUSA.com caught up with the band Stateside for a new episode of TSUSA Radio.

The Venetia Fair

TopspotUSA.com co-founder and producer Frankie Nobile chats with Mike Abiuso and Joe Brown of The Venetia Fair about new music, new tour and white boards.

Mike Acerbo

Topspot USA producer Frankie Nobile talks to Acerbo about his upcoming album release "The Search," future touring plans and his journey thus far as a musician.

My Ticket Home

Luke Fletcher and Nick Giumenti from My Ticket Home join Sean Russell (Mr. Russell) on TSUSA Radio to discuss their latest album, tour and the realities of being signed to Rise Records.

Man Overboard

Topspotusa.com meets up with Justin Collier from Man Overboard to discuss their new tours, album and other exciting developments.

Break Blossom

TopspotUSA.com co-founder and producer Frankie Nobile chats Elliot James (formerly of Hey Monday) and Skyler Mondell about their new band Break Blossom.

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