Yes, we are talking blue imessages amongst fellow iphones (not MMS). Photos taken with my camera send just fine. But the best part is that I can have a regular Tab open with Google Photos and the one that launched from Backup and Sync app, and open the same picture. Original Title:fuzzy images on desktop and web browser win10. In the tab that opened due to Backup and Sync link, the same picture is clear. Attached is an example. Is there any way I can fix this? Is there a way to fix it? Suddenly all my pics, even things that other people posted on my page were blurry. This is something that used to work and now doesn't. I put this as my cover photo, abut it's all blurry when you go to my page. A lot of my photos are clear and detailed on my teacher's Canon Rebel DSLR; however, when I upload them onto the computer, the photos turn out a bit blurry and faded. However, out of blue, I've been seeing blurry images in Photos … Any suggestions and yes, I did put it back to 100, no change. the problem is that some pictures (most of them… Why are my iPhone videos blurry when I send them via text (MMS)? Hi, I have a standard S10. Below is an example. The photos app is the default image viewer on Windows 10. The second photo is that my friend receives and is very blurry. iPhone owners can now send multimedia messages between iOS devices using iMessage. In my tab that I visited Google photos on my own, it's blurry. The problem is only when using cell data. It wasnt like that before. Recently I've had many of my friends tell me that the screenshots I've been sending them are too blurry to read. My wedding photos look perfect and crisp on the website my photographer sent me, but when I uploaded all the images to Facebook, they turned blurry. Why is that? And also yes, "Low Quality Image Mode" is off. as u see in the pictures i have a strange problem with graphics in my asus N55S laptop. But I notice the URL is slightly different. Is anyone else experiencing this? Ever since updating iOS to 12.2 my image / video attachments sent via iMessage from my phone are sent compressed, tiny and blurry. The first photo below is on my phone which is very clear. Out of the box, Photos app supports a wide range of image formats. It sends fine through other applications like FB messenger. For the last couple weeks all screenshots I send through messages come through blurry/pixelated on both my end and the receivers end. I usually shoot outside with AV and P mode, if that helps. I should also add that my friend receives my pictures clearly with no quality issues. Whatsapp compress the images before sending which reduces the resolution and the file size; Hence, the image looks blurry. This preserves the quality of recorded video in most cases, especially when sending an iMessage over a Wi-Fi network. I shouldn't have to force my friend to send me a picture through some other means when texting used to work just fine in the past. Add to that, the photos app is pretty good looking while being snappy and responsive. Blurry images on desktop and web browser on Windows 10. And no, sending the pictures via email, social media, etc. The images send perfectly when on wifi. is not a "fix". I've attached a example of what it looks like.

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