Within 30 seconds the cramps were subsiding and I could actually make my foot go flat on the floor! I’m considering it, just because this recipe sounds so good, not the full amount though. This brine was poured over the pickles in the jar to fill it up and cover all the pickles. I made these pickles and let them sit for 4 days. This was my first time making pickles and I can truly say Rebecca nailed it on this one. Thanks for posting and I can’t wait to see how these turn out. Find a wide variety of delicious and easy Kraft Foods recipes, cooking tips, and more for every meal and occasion. Cloudy brine is fine!!! Just one question though. Now I’m going to try your Pickle Dip – I’ve never heard of it either….I’m really enjoying your blog! flour 1/4 cup milk 1 cup BREAKSTONE'S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream 1 Tbsp. I am confused about the very last part too! The brine is cloudy is that normal? Hi Wanda- If you’re using Morton’s Kosher Salt (not Diamond) the volume should be close enough to pickling salt to substitute it in equal amounts. HI there, John! If you heard a fizz like a carbonated drink, that means that the air in the jar was trapped too tightly. I didn’t check the non-refrigerated kind at the store because we don’t eat those. I ended up draining the brine after I had tasted it. The cauliflower was by far my favorite! First and most importantly, the dill seed provides a deeper, stronger dill flavour than the frondy weed/leaves. I hope I did this right. Awesome. That is fantastic, Nadine! Made a new brine with a tbsp of kosher salt and put the jars in the fridge. Hi there! And if you disagree with the amount of salt, perhaps post your own recipe. Can I use those instead? Hi Angela- One cup of brine will definitely not be sufficient to cover the pickles. These beauties have turned out fabulous over the years so I decided to gather all the ingredients for this simple yet fresh crispy delicious refrigerator pickle … Other odd shortages: I started baking again but can’t find rye flour or even the spot on the shelf where rye flour used to be. It gives a range of cucumbers because you may not be able to fit more than 35 in the jar if they’re large. Thanks. You can put it on more tightly in the refrigerator. Gave my husband one and he LOVED it! In our house, they rarely last that long because, as the saying  goes, “A pickle a day keeps sad times away.”. Only Strub's. Do you know, what 2/3 cup of Morton’s weighs? I have the juice and jars from 3 jars of the claussen pickle slices…they were on clearance…any chance I could use that juice to make a follow up batch? yes strait into frig and a spoon of sugars . I measured everything very carefully. 35 gm of salt, for a 3.5% solution, Hi Jen- This recipe is not suitable for canning, unfortunately, as it does not have a high enough acidity to the brine to be safe or shelf stable in a water bathed jar. In the refrigerator, fully covered in brine, they should be good for a couple of months! I had that happen a few years ago. I would like to make a large batch, but do not have the room in my refrigerator to keep them all. Everything else the same and they are great! It’s a natural consequence of the fermentation… Now, if it starts getting hairy… . One in about every fifteen batches goes funky for me. The mushy, though, that’s sad! I learn so much from you as well! Of course, that’s my educated guess not actually having seen it, so please proceed according to your own comfort level. So, I made these and the taste is divine but they are incredibly mushy. Hi Carol- I hope they crisp up for you. No worries, Jessica! I actually followed the recipe, and those things are the pickles I have been wishing I could make. That jar was perfect! Hi Matt- I’m betting you used a different type of salt. Hi Theresa- It will DEFINITELY make a huge difference in flavour. Hi Shirley- I’d say reduce every ingredient by the same proportion. Did I do something wrong? Feel free to sub in distilled vinegar if you prefer it. *I will, however, fight you for fudgesicles. I use 4 when they are dried just make sure they have that punch. I’m looking forward to trying your recipe since my pickles are just starting to come on. I used the same brine, but made three slightly different varieties in separate jars. A friend of mine is in the furniture business. I’d be a little wary of eliminating the salt. My kids love them. I had literally about 30-40 baby cucs per week and Googled this recipe. Totally bummed! Cold temperatures slow or stop fermentation. Tighten up the lib and refrigerate. Can you please explain why so much salt in this? Just finished fermenting and put in fridge this morning. In May and June, it’s 150% of what it usually was. For some reason I thought they were supposed to sit out for that length of time. Kosher salt is labeled as such for its long use of making meats kosher, not because it was made in accordance to kosher guidelines. That’s another way to convert the Inulin into Fructose. Pickling cukes! I’m going to try adding a bit of horseradish to a jar this time. I have bought and fed my family Claussen pickles forever, just recently I started to notice that the quality has gone down something awful. Be careful with store bought pickling spices. . Clausen of course. . If they still taste fine, and there’s no “fur” on the pickles then they’re dandy! In other words, it would have yielded an inedibly salty result again. In a couple of days you will have some great tasting pickles. I’m so glad you love them, Diane! The same happened with cleaners and other paper products. You don’t have to cook anything to make these pickles; not one single thing. But, really, pickles. I’d say you wouldn’t really want to have them out of the brine more than 4-5 hours before serving, and then you’d want them tightly wrapped in a refrigerator or cooler. Please help as these sound AMAZING I really do want to make them. Again, was FANTASTIC!!! By the way, I love the idea of pickle sickles! These taste wonderful, but I do have 2 questions. If so, where does all the water go? , my brine is cloudy, I followed the recipe to the letter the flavor of he pickle is very good but the brine??? what do you use for your picking spices?? Claussen Knockoff Garlic & Dill Pickles - I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I've pickled a batch of Claussen style garlic and dill knockoff pickles. I often have more than one batch going simultaneously (one in the fridge, one fermenting on the counter, etc…). They do get a little carbonated if they’re fermented quite well. On the plus side, the wait is only two to four days which is significantly less than the six week wait of the canned pickles. Such a wonderful memory, Thank you so much! OK, so I decided to make a half batch, 2 quarts, one half gallon (2 quarts) of brine. There is no tomato in the recipe either. Try adding a small piece of stick cinnamon and a few grains of fennel to your brine. Leaves more time for the other veggies that time cant be shortened. Thank you for sharing the recipe and your experiences. Another use, my brother and I pour some dill pickle juice into our own servings of soup beans (any variety) and we do the same with black eye peas. Its going to be a keeper. Probably a surge in home bidet sales too. I made these yesterday, however, science will not allow you to put 1 gallon of cold water along with 35 pickles and 2/3 cup vinegar and salt/spices in a gallon jar…just won’t fit….lol….bought a 2 gallon brewing tub, and now waiting for results, did add some Bay leaves as another pickler said that they keep the pickles crisp…we shall see…will update on Monday. You’ll probably want to top them off from time to time! Very close to the cold water pickle recipe from my Mother in law, her’s also had one small dried red pepper I’ve used red pepper flakes. I like to slice English cups jalapeños-onions and radish’s all the ingredients are super crunchy with a little heat and they are amazing. I followed the directions to the letter; just cut all ingredients in half. If you got that result, it is not the fault of the recipe. Followed directions to the tee!! . And I’m awfully glad to help bring some pickle happiness into your life. We have shared them with friends and family and everyone raves about their crisp tasty flavor. McCormick is a pretty commonly available brand that offers pickling spices. AMAZING!!!!! I make half the liquid+spices recipe in one jar, then layer 9 large cukes (trimmed& quartered), garlic, and dill seeds intotwo other jars. This also happens to be the perfect dill pickle recipe for beginning pickle makers. I put several whole pepper corns and dill seed in each jar. The reciepe for the claussen pickle was followed but the juice turned cloudy after three. It’s just like canning pickles, sometimes it just doesn’t end up the way we want it to. It’s a fresh/fermented pickle which is meant to be kept in cold storage (in the refrigerator or a very cool dry-cellar). I triple checked the amounts of the ingredients according to the recipe and actually, I would be amazed if this brine would be strong enough to pickle anything. They’re refrigerator only! One with added chiles and mustard seeds. When you use the “best practices” of the beforetimes, such as just-in-time delivery of materials needed for your work, when a supply disruption hits for a month because of the lockdown nobody can start up again without delays waiting for stuff. Just a note on an old wives tale. Just a couple questions. I’ll let you know some of the more common mistakes and you can let me know if any of these fit. How long do the keep in the fridge? I cut the recipe in half because I didn’t have enough cukes for a full gallon. Hey Lindsey! Should I add some things? Unfortunately, these do not process well. You won’t regret it! Could quart jars be used instead on gallon? Hi Lindsey- Claussen uses vinegar, and this recipe is designed specifically to be made with vinegar. Using the recipe? My husband and I decided to try a garden this year and the cucumbers are growing like crazy! I’d use it to plunk other veggies in, but I don’t think I’d actually re-go for the pickles! and thanks for making my day!!! Did he want hot peppers or sweet peppers? a 4% solution with Morton’s. They taste fine(obviously). While I have a second refrigerator, I’d like to have a shelf stable version as well. Claussen pickles are my absolute favorite pickle and I do know that it has white vinegar not cider vinegar so I think it will work the same. I would not use a flavoured version, but generally speaking apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar are the same thing. When I was young and worked industrial construction, and old pipefitter told me about this. I made 1/2 recipe because I only had a 1/2 gallon container and didn5 even have enough cucumbers to fill it. God bless!?? “The Late Unpleasantness” was my first term, but it seems to fall short. The juice tastes fine..heck I’m considering pickle juice martini’s as I type. My husband and I made these for the first time and fell in love! If I was to try it, I would transfer them to jars when I was about to stick them in the refrigerator. Lisa- I love my sister’s name, too! I cut the blossom end off as written and they were super fresh cukes. (We don’t have those in Sweden) The water IS part of the brine. by SayUncle | RSS 2.0 |. Most of the time that works out well. Thank you for sharing your recipe and tips. Still can’t find them locally, but I did travel out of state for a “BLM protest” and found them in rural areas. I don’t have a gallon jar on hand and I have a bunch of pint sized jars. If it works, it will definitely take longer. Not that big a deal. I did have a problem with the garlic though. Have made these for a couple years, they are delicious. Made these today! I am trying to learn whether or not a jar of Claussen pickels- UNOPENED- which had set over night on the counter (unrefridgerated) might still be safe to eat??? The replacement part, I was warned, was taking longer than the usual three days to get in and that it would take 10 days or so. They may be easy, but they are not edible. I would say if you’d prefer pickles that you can guarantee are chlorine/fluoride free and you’re on town or city water, you might go for the bottled water. It won’t ruin anything if you did use it though. Great questions. What it DOES allow you to do, though, is have extra brine on hand for topping off the jar when there is inevitable evaporation. To make this Claussen pickles recipe, you need: {Ingredients at a glance. I prefer to use raw cider vinegar because it still contains the “mother” which allows you to add a little probiotic value to it. Any heat processing will destroy these pickles. 11. My pickles aren’t crunchy and that drives me nuts!! I thought the taste was spot on. Hi there… No worries about the seeds floating. Checked my pickles after 2 1/2 days and had a filmy foam and some bubbles in a few of the jars. Have you ever used double the amount of dill?? First time making any kind of pickles, thanks for easy recipe! My mama and little girl left me ONE jar! Have you tried slicing and eating them? Hopefully it will get stronger as I sits. I have one question can you use Whole cumcumbs with your recipe. I must have picked up the same vibe. I put a bunch of jars in the fridge downstairs and brought one jar up to the kitchen fridge. VERY VERY excited to find this recipe !!!!!!!!!! I eat a jar of Claussens (minimum) a week. I mean they were in the refrigerated section at Kroger. I used a whisk to blend until the salt was dissolved. Going to try this, but I have a question. I tasted them after a couple of days and they didn’t seem salty enough. Fermented pickles taste vinegary with OUT vinegar added…. For me, it was dill seed because I didn’t have heads of fresh dill. chopped fresh dill. Plus I hate dealing with pork rib silverskin. I have tried both, and I can definitely say the white vinegar is closer to the actual Claussen taste. May I use whole cics if they are medium size? The only thing these and Claussens have in common is that they’re both, in fact, pickles but that’s where it ends, you’d have to not have taste buds in your mouth to think they’re a good copy. Lots of questions. . Last week I suggested that homemade stock is a propitious sign for any restaurant. They are currently in a cool (not cold) room in my basement. Are they supposed to look foggy after a few days? Ps, Kosher Pickles (Like Kosher salt) is a style of pickle and not necessarily “Kosher” or approved by the rabbi’s for consumption. CRUNCH. I have a great Mustard Pickle recipe if you want. Anyway, as the jars aged in the refrigerator (I had a 2 recipes), the brine became a bit “boozy”, not cloudy or fuzzy, just a bit bubbly. I wonder if u could leavevthem in the refrigerator for the 2-4 day pickling to finish. I don’t have room in frig for my pickles can I can them to store in jars? Not that it matters (at all), but WTF? Left it in for four days, until they were not greeny cukey colored but pickley colored, then refrigerated in brine in Ball jars. Quick question: I just finished pouring brine over the cukes, but had stirred the pickling spices in with the salt/water/vinegar. In a pinch, I’d say you could probably sub in English cukes that are cut down to size, but I’d do a smaller batch to be sure. I’ve made these a few times, but it’s been awhile. All pickles were properly submerged and all went bad. Hello, first time making pickles but have a ton of cucumbers from my garden. Does this recipe really only call for 1 cup vinegar to 16 cups water and is that safe and enough for the picked taste? It wouldn’t hurt to add a grape leaf! The vendors I deal with always recommend whatever the most freshly harvested cukes are to me. Thank you! Hi there, Amy- You do this because the warmer temp of the room vs. refrigerator encourages the kickstart of fermentation that makes these have that particular sour taste! I refrigerate mine while they marinate-is that the difference? I passed your recipe along. If not does anything prevent me from putting them in individual jars after the pickling process has happened? I’d advise you try fitting it into some quart jars or a half gallon jar and see what fits. You made my day! Thanks for the size and temp clarification! I’m throwing out all of my other recipes and only keeping this one. Besides, as I said, there is the crunch factor. Do the ingredients at the bottom layer ever need to be stirred and mixed into the pickles or do they just rest at the bottom and float to the top as the brine is added? I’ve never had this happen. Thank you! Read more. These are homemade refrigerated deli pickles, also known as Lithuanian half-sours, also known (in the commercial equivalent) as Claussen dill kosher pickles, also known as the best pickles ever known to mankind. Sinve Mom passed away, I’ve never had one even close. I tried one yesterday, after three days of sitting, and it was awfully salty. Then divide the ingredients accordingly. Why do they cost more? If you play around with it and love the results, please let me know! This is my second year using your recipe as a base. I found a sweet, hot pickle chip by Bell-View that my family loves so much, we have 4 jars in the pantry right now. Does the brand of pickling spice matter? It doesn’t mean the garlic is bad!! Pop ’em in the fridge. That is plenty of brine for a gallon or two of pickles, and those gallon jars (or quart or half gallon, what have you) will fit as many cucumbers as you can cram in there. Those were great too! That is hilarious that you would start out by making 4 1/2 gallons on a recipe that you never tried before! I’m not sure if it would be sufficient to pickle it before it’s gone through the fermentation process with the cucumbers in it, though. The best pickles ever. I looked at a different variety, same size jar (16 oz.) No worries there. I am making these today. There are two explanations for the toilet paper shortage: I am saving the brine to make a batch of bloody marys with it…if it lasts that long! Omg! So I put them in the fridge and now the cukes/pickles are mush and they just squeeze/ooze out of the peels when I pull them out of the jar. First and foremost…we LOVE these pickles! Should you crush the garlic cloves or put them in whole? Pour the brine over the cucumbers, taking care to make sure all of them are fully submerged. If so, should I drain the leftover brine and add the spices into my jar? I drink pickle juice when I have a belly ache.”. No mincing/chopping of the garlic was needed. Thanks so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you like it, Kathy! So while I like to keep a spare pack of intact TP for the odd winter storm, I went into stay-at-home with 4 rolls. Unlike many other brands, Claussen pickles are uncooked, and are typically found in the refrigerated section of grocery stores. We have so many pickle cukes in garden, I’ve been trying different recipes for a couple weeks. Should I have used individual jars? If you used iodized table salt or sea salt, you added far more salt (weight wise) than the equivalent volume of coarse kosher salt would have yielded. But really, I knew he was onto something when I had a glass of ice cold pickle juice on a hot day and felt like a million bucks. If you want to up the garlic flavour, just rough them up a little bit first. Here’s hoping the good ol’ days (2months ago) were good to you. . I used my large stockpot and put a plate on top of the cucumbers to make sure they were all submerged. Personally, I started out by making just 1 quart to see how they came out. I’ll do it for the next batch. I have never seen just raw cider vinegar….do you mean apple cider vinegar? Thanks. I hope your cukes perform many pickled miracles for you! Is that a problem since everything is suppose to be under liquid? You may not use the entire gallon of brine, but it’s best to have it on hand since you’ll need to top the brine off once or twice because of evaporation. I’d reduce the quantity by 3/4 and try a quart with those thin-skinned ones. I understand, though. It says when they taste like pickles they’re done, which means you should be checking on them daily. Well, there’s not a lot of money in it, and the demand is extremely stable. I’d hate to go without. But there is one pickle that stands head-and-shoulders (were pickles to *have* heads and shoulders) above all others. This is a link to what I use: http://amzn.to/2uT2PK3, Can I use a coffee filter on top of pickle jar, Absolutely, Tammy! Hi Susan- I would not use pre-minced, jarred garlic as it is often treated with preservatives and that can effect the pickling process! I know you can’t fit it in there. Deli-Style Hearty Garlic Slices. I’ll use this recipe again. These things almost bite back. So yes, even without any vinegar at all, lacto-fermented pickles are entirely safe and delicious! To deal with frequent blisters a famous baseball pitcher was said to often soak his fingers in pickle brine, although the effectiveness of this was questioned by teammates and coaches, as well as currently by the CLAUSSEN team. Thank you so much for sharing! If you think it tastes the same then who am I to argue? Use whatever jars you have on hand! If you could help me out I would be ever so grateful! My only thing is…if they only last 6 months in the fridge, what will we do for the rest of the winter till we can make more???!!! I added more dill and garlic. And yes, you can certainly divide it evenly between four quart jars or some such arrangement. Use distilled or bottled water to stop cloudiness.? One of my kids’ dumb-dick friends broke the control panel on the hot tub. It’d also help with crunchiness. If you need to sub in a vinegar, I’d use white distilled instead! Claussens is always in the refrigerated section, as well, and advises refrigerating their pickles, so I wouldn’t store theirs on a shelf either. Tragedy, indeed. Generic “wet-ones”, (or even name brand.) I kind of poopooed it but thought I would give it a try. That is four times as much as Claussen (when they are in stock), before shipping, which is an additional ten bucks, making these 800% the cost of Claussen. Regular cucumbers definitely don’t hold up as well texturally to the pickling process as the little picklers, but the flavour should still be good! THANK YOU for this recipe!!! I’ve made pickles for years using the boiled vinegar method. These pickles were spot on for my taste buds after the 4 days. and how much dill and garlic would I put into each jar? I see the Claussen pickles use distilled vinegar. I just added extra garlic (a whole big clove). So: never made pickles before – how should I cover tightly without screwing a lid on? It’s one of the “remaining ingredients” to mix together in the pitcher. Hence the sometimes more than a jar a week. Patio furniture and outdoor tools were short; our UPS delivery guy thinks America is going to look like one vast garden magazine by Fall based on how many people he sees doing yard work every day. I made a larger jar and they didn’t turn out as well. I made these and left them on the counter, out of direct sunlight, for four days. Thanks so much, Jerry! Or where would I find just cider vinegar? I was wondering why everyone was so confused by that direction until I realized that the sentence I thought I had deleted had actually been moved to the bottom of the recipe. Loved this recipe-I haven’t found anyone who didn’t like them! As long as they’re not, well, femur sized… You want to use more petite whole cukes if you’re going for the whole pickle effect. All 8 jars tasted waaaaayyyyyy to much like regular dills (but not in a good way!). Second, I need to confirm whether you used coarse kosher salt or canning salt. What do you put in your own blend or what commercial blend would you suggest? Shoot, I did not buy the Cider vinegar and bought the Distilled white vinegar instead. Hi Elizabeth- Can I ask which brand/style of salt you used? But I am out of garlic cloves. I have been making pickles for about 5 years and still had not found the right recipe. Hi Rebecca, After letting them sit out the few days and then in the refrigerator to chill, the brine and the pickles tasted good, I was pleasantly surprised! They taste great and I’d hate to lose them. The other recipes I have tried were way to strong I might even try making pickles. But she’s a saver and did fine. They are simply put into jars. Thanks again and God bless. They’re in all my emergency gear. I used that and my pickles are WAY too salty. So simple to do and so crunchy and garlicky. I love this recipe! I adjusted the cider vinegar and water ratios a bit to taste and added a bit more pickling spice and a small amount of red pepper flakes, again to taste, but this is an outstanding recipe. Homemade Claussen Knock-Off Pickles: Always crunchy and garlicky, this perfect homemade pickle recipe requires no special equipment, & no canning experience. A little cloudiness? They do have a tendency to float, Carly. Hi Connie! Pickling spices are found in the spice section of almost every grocery store. Thank you. 7) Pouring hot brine in on the cucumbers instead of taking the time to properly chill the brine through. I tasted one this morning and it seemed to be fine. I tried out your recipe and the pickle brine has become cloudy. If it’s really warm, the fermenting process can take place much faster, but even so it should not be widespread mold after three days. Girl, you are the bomb!!! That’s how not used to reading pickle jar labels I’d been. Bon Appetit calls them half-sours. I want to try these! I have not personally tried it, so I can’t speak to it from experience. You could always dilute the vinegar flavour with more salty brine, but then they might verge on too salty. I wouldn’t advise that. Anyway, I’ll try them in quart jars and let you know. I’m confused and in the middle of making these. How can i can these without cooking them. I should have read the whole comment thread before making the recipe. I prefer just to use the room temperature approach. I tend to leave out the cloves and cinnamon bark on mine. Hi Penny- Unfortunately, these are not suitable for canning. I love kosher dills and am also guilty of drinking the brine! Can i ptepare these in a stainless soup pot and then transfer to jars for storage? Yes. How much dill and garlic do you put in each jar? Thanks so much for letting me know you love it and for taking the time to rate the recipe, Cindy! Of course, use your own judgment based on smell, taste, appearance, etc… but if they are as you say they are, they should be safe. And honestly, neither is thick as long as it isn’t furry. Am I to add cloves? I don’t mind keeping them in the fridge but want to seal them. Either your jars were not clean or your cukes were not clean or the vessel in which you mixed the salt and water were not clean. Hi Katie- There’s no secret to it. Regarding the raw cider vinegar, do you suggest an unflavored version (not apple-flavored)? My brine turned cloudy, all pickles are submerged, its day 4, now in the refrigerator. Then after about 2 days, to let them get good and cold, there was a film in the juice and some on the pickles. this is quite late. The pickles … But They stayed up in my cabinet for about a week and a half, before I put them in the refrigerator. I think they are a little too salty (even for me and I love salty foods). Can the amount of salt be reduced as I am on low Salt diet, if so this will be awesome. You say use 1 gallon of water, do you mix the gallon of water with the 2/3 cup of salt and vinager and then use what brine it takes to fill up the gallon jar that has the pickles already in it. Can you tell me how much of each ingredient I should use? So did I do wrong by getting the small cucumbers from Walmart and Aldi? Rebecca, In the interest of canning these pickles for long time storage without loseing the crunch,, do you suppose that “pickle crisp” could be used without fouling the recipe? I love pickles. We’re heading into day 3 of the process and (knock wood) so far, so good. Was the brine thick or just cloudy? I’ll choose them even instead of chocolate! I do not have a video YET, but one is in the works! I usually pick out the whole cloves and cinnamon bark pieces when making this particular recipe. I decided to make a video to show you just how easy it […], […] Copycat Claussen Pickles recipe from Foodie with Family […], […] when I came across this recipe for Homemade Claussen Pickles from Rebecca at Foodie With Family I was instantly hooked! It somehow makes salt SALTIER (and not in a good way!) This is a great recipe! I prefer them to cukes, and because the vinegar converts the flatulence causing Inulin into Fructose. It is the salt that inhibits mold while the lactic acid develops. We went though quite a few quarts of these in a really short time. Here’s my chance to do something wonderful with them. Of course, it being a naturally fermented product, it’s still going to give off a little gas, but as long as you’re opening the jar regularly to fish out a pickle or two it should be able to release those gasses enough . Hi Judy- The short answer is that you won’t fit it all in at the beginning. Hi Mary- If they’re picklers and they’re fresh, I’d give it a go. Love. After stuffing the quartered cukes (and the other ingredients) into 2 quart jars, I ended up with a quart of extra brine. Why do you need a gallon of cold water? Hi Cindy- Unfortunately, these are not suitable for canning. … Can you add to the crock over a period of days, like some other fermented pickle recipes I’ve seen? If you find a restaurant that makes its own stock and its own fermented vegetables, pitch a tent. Have never made before. I bought the mccormick pickling spice andk i dont want to over do it. P.S. I was told by the store that there was an aluminum shortage impacting soft drinks, but even the (plastic) bottled stuff is becoming scarce locally. Each day, I turn each jar upside down a couple times to redistribute the brine and seasoning. What a great recipe for delicious pickles! Refuse to leave. That was a whole lot of blather just to get to your recipe. I didn’t know it was a remedy. Sincerely, Dorothy Poki’i. ‍♀️, I would DEFINITELY use the leftover brine for pickled eggs… I wouldn’t start it with eggs, but once you’ve eaten all of the pickles from a batch, I’d plunk eggs into it. We’ve added our own cucumbers to the Claussen pickle juice. Please advise it would greatly be appreciated. If you’re not into canning, these refrigerator pickles are a godsend. . I’m wondering if the appropriate amount of ingredients made it into each jar in order for it to work. I asked one of the workers if there was a Claussen pickle shortage and he said he had actually been asked that by several people. Hi Jon- I’m wondering whether you used canning/pickling salt or Morton’s kosher salt? Because the 2/3 cup is correct when using Morton’s coarse kosher salt. People doing without. So I made another smaller jar, and I stiiiillll had some left! No vinegar is necessary because the fermentation process creates lactic acid.after 9 days of fermentation you store pickles and refrigerator. I’ll try the vinegar (with the Mother) next time. They were easy and the end result was enjoyed by all. These cannot be canned because they are not acidic enough. I was really worried with the low amount of vinegar….MOST pickle recipes I’ve used have called for closer to 50/50 water to vinegar. Don’t the spears stand up? I am impressed that they are not too salty, as some dills are. I think using dried peppers would be ok. This makes the pickles taste like corned beef. They smell nice and fermented, taste fine (says my husband), but is that OK? The yellow makes me wonder if there’s some kind of weird cucumber blight going on for you. Happy Pickling! Thank you for your recipe. Any ideas on where I went wrong? Can you increase salt. Claussen is advertised as having superior crunchiness to other brands. , First of all, thanks for the recipe! Kudos on a fabulous recipe. Hi Cassidy- Is there any concern of botulism since there is no heat process? Maybe I will try a small batch… Also, in order to save time, I buy my garlic chopped in glass jars. I always make the dill that are put in a hot water bath to can. All that to say, if your pickles taste just like Claussen’s, I want to be sure to get it right. Claussen Pickles are my absolute favorite and I always felt like I had to eat as many as possible whenever I visited home. If yo made you knock offs- how long could they set- after being sealed- before you would throw them out? Use any vegs u like and wait several days. Not too salty for my tastes because I love salt. BTW, I use green tomatoes instead of cukes. That shouldn’t be an issue for you since it was already pickled. Thank you! Quick tip for anyone making them in regular mough mason jars- 2 or 3 toothpicks inserted long ways underneath the neck of the jar holds them under the brine just wonderfully! It’s hard for me to know without being there. You just took it a step further and made full sours instead of half sours (think deli lingo.) Can you put these in smaller jars..or do the pickles need the entire brine? I accidentally let my pickles sit out/ferment on the counter for 6 days. Cover the jar lightly. I drink pickle juice when I have a belly ache. I wonder if you had some bad cucumbers! (I checked them at 3 and they weren’t remotely ready.) Also exposure to extreme heat will they be bad? What is in “mixed pickling spices” or is such a mixture available at stores. Last year I canned pickles and had THESE in the refrigerator. Morton Kosher salt weighs: 8 oz. The popsicles are so addicting I’ve been eat at least 2 a day for months now and my stomach problems have gone away and I feel more hydrated. I’m afraid not, Robert. When I tried a pickle the brine looked like mucous!! I use half gallon, wide mouth jars. Going to shop for pickling spices and cukes. Going to make another batch already. Just wondering if you think the same process would work on these? These are by for the best and crunchiest pickles I have ever made and they taste much like Clausen. Suddenly, everyone was out of toilet paper. Cucumbers are soaked in a saltwater brine which allows for the development of lactic acid. Theses pickles are THE BEST! I made one large batch of those things, and about have to stand shotgun on the fridge when people come by! I am predicting that these things are going to want to float. They both got fired and the plant was short on help. I shook the jar a couple times a day. Put them all in a large pot but cover loosely and push them down and then put them in jars, cover tightly and put in refrig? Hi there! Hi! I tried your recipe and although the delicious flavor was still in the brine, every pickle was absolutely mushy and completely unedible. Divided into jars. My wife says that she’s drink some of the juice…in a dirty martini or a Bloody Mary. noting CrackerjackHeart’s advice of using distilled water to alleviate cloudy brine. i had my daughter and i do a little taste testing we compared these pickles to vlassic garlic pickles and when i tell you you couldnt taste the difference olus these are more healthier and fresh because you control how much vinegar as well as salt that you put in its all the consumers choice. It’ll go straight into the fridge where it will live until you’re ready to eat it! At least that made sense. In fact, you should! Apple cider vinegar? Popular pickles. You can tell I don’t do pickling! There’s ALWAYS brine left. I imagine they don’t come out of the fridge, are they shelf safe? I tolerate some of those other dill pickles but I always levitate back to Claussen. It means it has fermented! If you don’t have or can’t find apple cider vinegar, I’d recommend subbing in white distilled vinegar. At first I thought was because I bought the whole pickles, so I switched back to spears, that turned out to be worst. In fact, if you *have* to can your pickles, you can use this recipe and process in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. They are sitting on my counter now. . I’m so glad you love it and thank you for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know why you like it. Since the weight of 2/3 cup of salt and the strength of the brine will vary with the size and density of the salt crystals used, the only way to get consistency of results is to weigh the ingredients. Follow the recipe to a T and all the pickles deteriorated and we’re totally mush what did I do wrong?? How does that make a difference in you recipe? Thanks so much! And easy! What pickling spice do you use? I plan to use this recipe to make pickle popsicles! The spice Alum works as well, but I prefer to pick a few grape leaves. This is stronger, than the 2% solution I’ve seen recommended, in most other recipes. I can’t say with confidence how good your pickles are, as it depends on many conditions. Why are you talking about tomatoes??? That is backed up by several cooperative extension groups’ literature (like this: http://www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/food/food_safety/preservation/hgic3101.html ) However, and this is a big one, you need to be the one who makes that decision. These look awesome. And thank you so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you loved it! If it smells or tastes funny, though, I’d pitch it! […] my brother’s girlfriend learns how to make these, he will marry her. I think next time I will put directly in the fridge or in a cooler darker spot. So I never did see a reply to my email. I’d advise starting a new batch every third day . I have made these over and over! We have our pickles sitting in the gallon jar but want to transfer, at some point, to the quart containers. Can I rinse off the spices and cover with a fresh brine without the spices for clear liquid in the jars. I truly appreciate it! Thanks so much! Fewer farmers are growing cucumbers now because of the high amount of failed harvests. I am thinking that you may want to prepare double the brine for the pickles when you make them since you start the clock ticking on deterioration once you pull the pickles from the brine. As for iodized….i HEARTILY disagree. Any ideas?”. I made these, and on the morning of the fourth day I woke up to foggy brine. Question? Since the mid-2000s, a mildew has been destroying cucumber crops. Thank you very much. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, plan your gardens NOW, order your seeds, and grow LOTS of pickling cucumbers AND perhaps budget for a PICKLE FRIDGE. Can’t wait to try some of your recipies. I’m glad you love it! I feel much better about serving these to friends now. I would like to srore my for a year. Is it available at most grocery stores? The salt is first diluted in the water/vinegar mixture and not all of it even makes it into the pickle jars… there is almost always some left over and reserved to top off the jars if they start to evaporate. . Thanks for this amazing, simple recipe! More heart healthy. 1 gallon cold water = 8.344 lb. This makes the exact amount of brine needed for a gallon of cukes. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MKGTCj4GXc) The low temperature canning recommendations come from National Center for Home Food Preservation, http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_06/low_temp_pasteur.html. Sorry if I shared too much lol. I used white vinegar cause I don’t care for cider vinegar. I will either make my own pickling spice to leave out the cloves. Dill weed just tends to float and clump which is a little disconcerting and/or unpleasant. It’ll definitely work! I have already shared your recipe page with my family & friends. Please, please, please give these a go even if you have never made a pickle before.There is nothing scary or intimidating here. Mike Yasko. Last year I made just plain lacto fermented cukes, which some of the grandchildren devoured by the jarful. In April, his business was 15% of what it usually was. That’s why I posted this Claussen pickle recipe several years ago. To keep them crunchy, freeze them whole for an hour and then cut them up frozen and put them in brine? They are good but I love these garlic Dill better. The first time they were gobbled up in a few days. we still have brine left, can we reuse the brine? Etc. Cucumbers are producing like crazy this year and I don’t like to waste. Thank you for sharing. This recipe seems really good! Any ideas on that? They’re kind of addictive, aren’t they? ? Did you by any chance add the vinegar to the jar directly or did you mix it into the salt water before pouring over the cucumbers? I live in South Florida and from my knowledge the general consensus is that Gatorade was started at the university of Miami when the football coaches got the leftover pickle juice from the commissary.? Three of my jars turned slightly cloudy after a couple of days. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Claussen in the best pickle around! Did the first batch late one evening and had a jar of pickle heaven the next morning! Hooray, Lisa Marie! I’ve been looking for a good refrigerator dill pickle recipe and had high hopes for these. I think next time I’ll use a little less salt and maybe a little more vinegar.. If so how long for quarter jars. I love your variety of pickles, including the relishes." I am glad I read this comment. They sure are!! Not available, then lots of it. I eat way to many Clausen pickles at close to $7.00 a jar, when cucumbers are .50 each! Thanks for sharing! I’m super new to canning and I’m not sure how I would go about dividing up the ingredients into a bunch of pint jars. I use my own homemade pickling spice which omits cloves and cinnamon thereby more closely resembling Claussen… And if your pickles were soggy, you may have left the blossom end intact OR gotten old cucumbers. Well, let’s see if we can trouble shoot this for you. Any thoughts or info on the variation of brine strength? Thank you for this recipe, my family is in love with these pickles. Mine are almost always cloudy, but I’m serving a family that has hearty immune systems and is not prone to getting ill. You can certainly put them into smaller containers, just divide the ingredients between them. I may try this recipe, however, at some time. This is my second time making these pickles. Thanks! I thought I had seen a post on pickles being mushy…, “jamie says July 25, 2012 at 3:25 pm So, I made these and the taste is divine but they are incredibly mushy. ha! ) Have you ever tried throwing any other veggies in the brine to pickle as well? Can’t wait until Monday!!!!!!! Perhaps they just weren’t the best pickling cucumbers? I made a gallon to try, they turned out great! Hi Rebecca, I’ve been making Claussen knock-off pickles for years, but I lost my original recipe, and last year’s batch did not turn out very well. You did nothing wrong at all! I’ve made these many, many times. You evidently did a very good job. Hey there! I have no more cucumbers to make pickles for the next year. But I think this is a valid question because if they turn out well, I plan to make a gallon jar full. 15 jars on the counter for three days. Also why not use any dill weed? I’m a recent convert to the giant CA-style burritos made with french fries, especially if the protein is NC-style pulled pork, extra smoky, topped with a not-NC-traditional ketchup-based BBQ sauce. I used the stove top for this recipe, they turned out amazing!!! This was as easy as can be and we are planning to make many more jars to share with friends and family. 2 cups chopped CLAUSSEN Hearty Garlic Pickle Wholes (about 4) 2/3 cup dill pickle juice 1/4 tsp. As for the knock-offs, they’ll hold until they grow fur or are slimy! (New word ). I haven’t tried this yet but want to make a note that I recently submerged some sliced kohlrabi in my clause pickle juice for 2 weeks and the result was phenomenal! The only issues I have with that are that it cooks what was raw garlic, and it doesn’t get rid of the gnarly ingredients I am keen to avoid like HFCS. My husband and I both hated them, and they went in the trash. Just divide the bottom ingredients evenly between the jars. Independently. . So can you leave the vinegar out or if you do it won’t make it a Claussen? My second question…I have been watching my jars daily during the fermentation process, and I have not seen any fuss or mold on the cukes nor on top of the brine. Are you supposed to have extra? How can all these ingredients fit in a gallon jar when yo have a gallon of water and vinegar and 34 cucumbers? You don’t really want them floating around in the brine as much as you want them to be well submerged and snug. You’ve saved my budget. I’ll try your tip. Reserve the extra brine to top off your jar if the levels drop! The pickles are mostly called Gherkins and the supermarket varieties are mostly VERY inedibly sweet. if you make smaller individual jars how do you seal them to keep? I didn’t have all the spices I needed and noticed it, but no matter… they were still amazing! It’s true! Pickle shortage is probably due to the upcoming baby boom caused by the stay-at-home orders. I placed the jar into the refrigerator at that time to slow down the process. Not sure what you mean by “layering”. Hi JoAnne! If I am wrong please let me know. Thank you for your informative recipe! You made balsamic munchers a while back and wonder if you still make them. Every year I use your recipe. Thanks for sharing. Tasted fine and less salty. If you’re looking for an excellent canning pickle, I’d recommend this one from my archives: https://www.foodiewithfamily.com/2008/07/23/pickle-me-this/. I scrubbed my cucumbers before reading your instructions. I LOVE this recipe….I’ve used it for years! Same story. one again ijm completely satified…. Will this work for the spices for your recipe? It is garden season .cukes comming in.I have never made pickles before .this recipe looks easy.thank you for shareing . Kosher salt is the same thing as table salt. I’m hoping you can help me with this, thanks for whatever you can tell me. When I do heat sealed pickles, it’s the other recipe I have up here on the site. So decided this year to grow my own cucumbers. Now I’m going to try to perfect a recipe for Wolfie’s fresh sauerkraut. HAHA… Please let me know how they turn out for you! Try shaking the jar a bit before opening. Particularly Claussen pickles. I halved the recipe, because I was using 4-32oz jars, except I forgot to half the dill seed! It’s sold right near their other spice blends! That is correct, Davey- and thank you for all your great input here.

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