However, you are required to have an electrical license, either trainee or journey level. The Washington State Electrical Administrators Exam tests people on the national electrical code. Insurance coverage must be no less than twenty thousand dollars for injury or damages to property, fifty thousand dollars for injury or damage including death to any one person, and one hundred thousand dollars for injury or damage including death to more than one person. B. People who pursue these come mostly from one of two fields – either as a trainee or from out-of-state. The State Board of Master Electricians issues one category of license, that of Master Electrician. The bond shall be conditioned that in any installation or maintenance of wires or equipment to convey electrical current, and equipment to be operated by electrical current, the principal will comply with the provisions of this chapter and with any electrical ordinance, building code, or regulation of a city or town adopted pursuant to RCW. 24: $99: Register Here: 2020 Multi State Package: Multiple State Renewal Package JADE Learning provides all the courses necessary to meet the requirements for a Washington state electrical license renewal.. The license will plainly indicate the specialty licenses' codes included in the combination license. (c) For the purposes of this section, a qualified worker is employed by a utility or its contractor and is familiar with the construction or operation of such lines and/or equipment that concerns his/her position and who is proficient with respect to the safety hazards connected therewith, or, one who has passed a journey status examination for the particular branch of the electrical trades with which he/she may be connected or is in a recognized training or apprenticeship course and is supervised by a journey level person. Then, you need to have the necessary prior experience. Washington Labor and Industries governs the contractor license for Telecommunications Contractors. An electrical/telecommunications contractor's license will not be issued to or renewed for a person, firm, … Upon written request, the account then will be released by the department providing there is no pending legal action against the contractor under chapter, (8) The following types of systems and circuits are considered exempt from the requirements for licensing and permitting described in chapter. Door Gate and Similar Systems Electrical Administrator; Consumers are advised to check for additional local municipal contractor license requirements as contractor laws can differ from county to county. at the. The department shall upon request furnish to any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity a certified copy of the bond upon the payment of a fee that the department shall set by rule. An original, $4,000 electrical/telecommunication contractor’s surety bond, or assignment of savings account. (B) The electrical power generated by the facility is not used for self-generation or any other on- or off-site function other than sale to one or more utilities regulated by FERC or by one or more state public utilities commissions, or to a PUD, municipal utility, or other form of governmental electric utility, or to an electric cooperative or mutual corporation. The application shall state: (a) The name and address of the applicant; in case of firms or partnerships, the names of the individuals composing the firm or partnership; in case of corporations, the names of the managing officials thereof; (b) The location of the place of business of the applicant and the name under which the business is conducted; (d) Evidence of workers' compensation coverage for the applicant's employees working in Washington, as follows: (i) The applicant's industrial insurance account number issued by the department; (ii) The applicant's self-insurer number issued by the department; or, (iii) For applicants domiciled in a state or province of Canada subject to an agreement entered into under RCW. It’s important to jump through this hoop: You could get charged $1,000 for a first offense and your job site shut down, if you do contract work without a license. Footer Address Office location 1535 Edgewater Street NW Salem, OR 97304. If your business will do any business in Washington modifying properties, you’ll likely need to get a Washington contractor’s license. Businesses who wish to engage in the electrical construction or telecommunication trade are required to become licensed with the department. Exemptions - Independent electrical power production equipment exemption. The Low Voltage license allows electrical work with systems up to 95 volts in most states. The exception is the City of Seattle, which requires a refrigeration and gas piping license in addition to the electrical license. Exemptions - Electrical utility telecommunications transition equipment installations, maintenance and repair. Electrical work has a broad definition and covers a wide range of electrical activities. A combination license will not be issued for telecommunications, (4) The department may deny application, renewal, change of assignment of administrator/master electrician, reinstatement, or issuance of an electrical/telecommunications contractor's license if a firm, an owner, partner, member, or corporate officer owes money as a result of an outstanding final judgment(s) under chapter, (a) The electrical/telecommunications contractor may furnish the department with a cash or security deposit to meet the bond requirements in lieu of posting a bond. 4 … An electric utility is not allowed to install or work on street/area lighting: (A) When the area is privately or publicly owned and the public does not have general, clear, and otherwise unrestricted access such as: Industrial property, residential property, or other property where the public's access is restricted in any manner. Mission statement. Continuing education is part of the requirements for renewing most licenses. trade shows. (e) If a utility fails to meet the requirements of this section, the department may require the utility to develop and submit a remedial action plan and schedule to attain compliance with this section which may be enforced by the department. (C) Where the lighting or wiring is attached to a building or other customer-owned structure. Registration requirements. The department may issue an electrical contractor license for a period of less than twenty-four months only for the purpose of equalizing the number of electrical contractor licenses that expire each month. It is also advised to double check with the state's requirements before hiring a contractor. Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Electrical Program P.O. (15) When performing the work described and allowed in WAC 296-46B-925 (18)(b)(ii) or (c), when employed by the serving utility or its licensed electrical contractor or subcontractor(s), a lineworker must meet the requirements of RCW 19.28.261 (5)(b) or be an appropriately certified electrician. Control gear equipment includes control logic, metering, and annunciation for the operation and the quality of power being generated by the reciprocating internal combustion engine and does not have the function of distribution of power. The state of Washington requires Electricians to meet the following guidelines for Washington state electrical CEU courses in order to renew an electrical license: Complete 24 hours of continuing education every 3 years. Application for an electrical contractor license shall be made in writing to the department, accompanied by the required fee. (B) The work performed is ahead of the secondary side of the customer's transformer(s) which supplies power at the customer's utilization voltage. (d) Although the utility is responsible for inspection and approval of the installation, including the selection of material and equipment, the department reserves the right to audit worker qualifications and inspect such installations semiannually for conformance with the requirements of (a), (b) and (c) of this subsection but will not collect a permit fee for such inspection or audit. Washington HVAC License Trainee Level It can be as big as multi-million dollar industrial power distribution and controls or as small as limited energy camera or speaker system. A test is also required for licensure. For the purposes of this subsection, a residence is a single-family residence. The low voltage license is only valid when performing “Electrical construction trade" work in RCW 19.28. ; You are doing business using a name other than your full name legal name. Electrical Licensing and Certification: 360-902-5269; Electrical Citation and Amusement Ride Support Desk: 360-902-5570; Electrical Plan Review: 360-902-5246; Local offices. (c) Modifications of a transfer switch must not include changes to the original intended configuration or changes or contact with externally field-connected components. The assigned administrator must be certified in all specialties applicable to the combination specialty contractor's license. HTML PDF: 296-46B-985: Penalties for false statements or material misrepresentations. See RCW, (26) Nothing in this section will alter or amend any other exemptions from or requirement for licensure or inspection, chapter, (28) Firms that install submersible pumps and associated wiring in well casings, (excluding connection of pump wiring at the top of the wellhead) are not included in the requirements for licensing in chapter, For testing purposes of a new submersible pump, well drillers and submersible pump installers registered under chapter. for certification in Washington as an electrician, master electrician, modified trainee, electrical and telecommunications administrator. This work is considered to be utility type work. No person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity is required to have an electrical contractor's license for work on electrical equipment and installations thereof that are exempted by RCW. For additional questions on your Electrical License in Washington State, contact Labor & Industries Electrical Department at 360.902.5269 or online at (d) For the purposes of this subsection, the following work on premanufactured electric power generation equipment assemblies is not exempt from the requirements of chapter. (i) Installation or connection of conduit or wiring between the power generation unit, transfer switch, control gear; (ii) Installation of the transfer switch; (iii) Connections between the power generation unit, transfer switch, control gear, and utility's transmission or distribution systems; (iv) Connections between the power generation unit, transfer switch, control gear, and any building or structure; or, (A) The utility's transmission or distribution system; or, (24) The installation, maintenance, or repair of a medical device deemed in compliance with chapter, (25) Coincidental electrical/plumbing work.

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