Nevertheless, lightning strikes kill more people in the United States than sharks. Baited drum lines are deployed near popular beaches using hooks designed to catch the vulnerable great white shark, as well as bull and tiger sharks. Bull Sharks are more agressive than Great Whites Con states, "because of their curiosity or bad eyesight great white sharks tend to attack humans and boats way more often than bull sharks. The Great White, Tiger and Bull Sharks are the three main killer sharks. 15 thoughts on “ Compare Bull Shark vs Tiger Shark ” Jack Stroldon June 9, 2016. The Bull shark is one of the most dangerous sharks on earth. River estuaries and brackish water areas (prone to bull sharks) are probably among the most dangerous places of all. Both these sharks are dangerous. Great white, tiger and bull sharks are three of the species to look out for, according to AccuWeather. Although the bull shark is more aggressive than a tiger shark, the tiger shark is known to hunt its prey in such a way that the victim can’t escape from them. These are all aggressive, strong and large predators with massive bite force. from the International Shark Attack File ISAF, an institution which analyzes and collects reports on shark attacks) the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) ranks first, followed by the tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) and the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas). Sharks have a fearsome reputation for attacking humans in more or less warm and deep waters. Bull sharks are part of the Big 3 (Great Whites, Tigers and Bulls), that are responsible for the majority of attacks on humans. If we go by the official list of dangerous sharks (e.g. Tiger sharks have been responsible for a … Any shark six feet or longer could potentially pose a threat to a human. But many researchers think that the bull shark gets off easy in terms of statistics and may actually be responsible for many of the attacks pinned on tiger sharks and great white sharks. Bull sharks have an average length of 8-10 feet and weigh about 300-400 lbs. "The great white might have attacked more people, but more people have have survived in %. I think, tiger sharks are most notorious among all three. The policy is intended to protect users of the marine environment from shark attack following the deaths of seven people on the Western Australian coastline in the years 2010 to 2013. Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Great White Sharks, otherwise known as “The Big Three,” are the deadliest sharks on the planet. Tooth remains are seldom found in wounds and diagnostic characters for many requiem sharks [of which the great white is one] are difficult to discern even by trained professionals.” The fatality rate in known attacks is 21.5% for the bull shark, 16% for the great white, and 26% for the tiger shark. They are large, aggressive and have a mouth full of sharp serrated teeth. Of all 375 shark species, only about 12 are considered potentially dangerous to humans. Only three species of sharks are responsible for all of these unprovoked attacks: the great white, the tiger shark, and the bull shark. Sharks are Earth's most ancient animals. So why do these three sharks attack more than any other species? The Tiger shark is more substantial than a bull shark, and also, the tiger shark is recorded as the second most dangerous water animal, who is known to attack and kill humans. Tiger sharks are regarded as one of the most dangerous shark species and have been responsible for a large number of human deaths. Even though there are over 440 species of sharks on the planet, The Big Three account for over half of all known shark attacks against humans. We’d also recommend checking with local marine stations for information on the latest shark sightings in your region, and for up-to-date advice on safe spots for entering the water.

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