Hopefully this time around people will see how crazy their policy is. Shutting down speech does not change hearts and minds. I’m wondering why politics found their way into knitting anyway. And, of course, American military personnel have also been fighting in other areas of the Middle East, many of them in Afghanistan. Ravelry is NOT trying to be a place that is safe for everyone. They didn’t say “We don’t want politics being discussed” or the like. As a political scientist, J learned that, while there are two extremes on the spectrum, most folks fall somewhere in the middle. Ladies I want in this group. If it were my thing, I’d sign right up. I’m so sick of the double-standard that the left can express their POV but the right cannot. WalkAway from Ravelry: Intolerant knitting site Ravelry losing members. That’s exactly my thoughts/position! I could see it coming when they started putting so much emphasis on race and gender. It is sad that this has happened, from the beginning to the final words, and the break down in communication. The administration, however, felt it perfectly described the behavior that resulted when SJWs invaded conservative sites or followed conservatives to non-political sites. Of course one loss is more than enough…it’s already too much. You articulated this so well. I feel as their new policy has succeeded in doing the exact opposite of what they claim they are wanting. "Ravelry, a social network for knitters with 8 million members, banned users from showing support for Donald Trump on the platform". Would love to know more about that. You go, MadMan! To try to influence them is an extreme exercise in futility. Moi describes the same vicious attacks against conservatives: I remember last year, shortly before the elections, I made a post regarding the immigration issue.  I live in the Boarder-land so I know about illegal immigrants.  I made my opinion known honestly and would you believe that one of these “guests” had the nerve to send me a private message calling me a racist– when I am of Hispanic heritage. Soon we became a haven for over 600 members. I can live without all their bells and whistles when those bells and whistles have strings attached that are untenable. I’m in the process of scaling back immensely. People leaving Ravelry are choosing to exclude themselves. Before the fake Trump comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized. Again thank you for being you. If anything, they should have banned ALL political posts. I’ve been reading and listening to many reflections on this sad state of affairs with ravelry’s divisive new policy…your words are my favorite and capture my sentiment exactly. Thank you for taking a stand. Why do you think people who agree with Ravelry aren’t thinking for themselves? No administration lasts forever, but I fear the ability to have civil discourse is lost forever. I saw several, but chose to ignore them because I support freedom of expression even if I disagree with it. The Ravelry page on Twitter is displaying so much hatred. Right now they just look like bigots. What would help if the non-Trump supporters and liberal voices share their frustration. Keep spreading your wisdom, and your beautiful knitting!! Eloquent and measured response. The particular group of women I am talking about are what I would classify as “bad winners” (the word “troll” would also be an appropriate adjective. Poverty, health, opportunities, heck even birthplace or knitting vs crochet can be a factor. But when they pretty much accused any Tump supporter of being white supremacist, I felt instantly jolted. That was beautifully written. They cannot even fathom the same things can happen to other groups as well! If you attack me, I’ll delete your comments. =D. Same here, I am leaving Ravelry due to the divisive agenda they are pushing. Ravelry’s announcement on Sunday, June 23rd came as a surprise to many users and followers. It was started by Cassidy and Jess Forbes in 2007. Ravelry has always been a very lefty place, where all the cool kids posted their p-ssy hat patterns. But by honoring deceased relatives and friends in a way that feels true to your relationship, it allows those people to be there in spirit. Of the profiles with avatars, the oldest dates back to February 2015, and if you randomly visit different pages, all are peppered with projects, patterns, and posts. And Conservatives are welcomed with open arms. I . But they can’t seem to… at the NY Sheep and Wool festival all I heard was Trump hate.. Do the best you can and KNIT on!!! I wish them well. There is no sense anymore. At least one good thing came from this Ravelry nonsense! I’m thinking of just keeping my account for my pattern library. My knitting life will go on just as enjoyably after ravelry. The most I wanted to debate is which is better continental knitting vs american knitting. Here is the link if anyone would like to take a look. But they painted all conservatives with a very broad brush – and I just could not remain on that site. I looked out thru the big black wrought iron gates of the warehouse and saw what looked like James Dean's older brother. I want peace, and community. Not one person has even attempted to answer it. When owners of the largest watering hole for knitters now say to millions of knitters that because you do not agree with our politics..that you are not welcome. Be calm and Knit On!! Relative to its size, Ravelry has a pretty small contingent of conservative members who seem to think Donald Trump is the best thing since sliced bread and feel building a wall to keep the faceless-yet-threatening “them” out of the country is perfectly acceptable. They aren’t breaking any laws, but they are breaking their own code of supposedly being “tolerant” and “free-minded.”. Instead, they are requesting that they keep their support of Trump and his administration off of Ravelry. This is just another way to divide the community. Tough on your body, mind and your soul. I downloaded all of my patterns and deleted my account as well. It is a work in progress, but a great place so far. Because I AM good – in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul. I just heard about this today from Crochet O’Clock and I am saddened by this accusation of being a white supremacist. I have better things to do so I deleted my account and hope Ravelry goes down the tubes. Oh, too funny. My heart broke a little that day, and I’m still looking for that place where we come together to knit, just because we knit. EJ, MDF, AllyKatt and the others instituted the best possibly policy in dealing with trolls … the theory is, if someone comes into your living room and (pardon me) craps in the middle of the floor, you don’t just leave it there to stink up the place … you clean it up and move on. exactly! Please tell me how you managed to delete your account. And I keep wondering about making change from the ‘inside’ though it sounds very hard. When it happened there wasn't as much attention as there is now. I, for one, really appreciate it. I’m a liberal latinx and I unsubscribed for those very reasons—I won’t lend my support to any group that bans those with which they disagree, use hateful and divisive language—and the sad, transparent attempt to make their actions appear virtuous, only confirms the fascist thinking behind this silly position. I was referring to Carrie’s post about conservative Jedis. I do not want to be vilified because of how I may vote. Thank you for posting such an eloquent response. Thank you! Maybe Ravelry should have just said that it was a non-political place and refrain from all political speech. “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. It has a page where you can keep track of your hooks, another where you can queue patterns that you find online that you want to make. I agree with you completely. And why does everything have to be politicized? Why are people always trying to create drama that does not exist. one of a act to spread peace and awareness… not the opposite. If there is something I don’t understand or need clarification on, they are glad to provide it. As a knitting and fiber website, it has a shocking 9 million members. You can find out your Ravelry number (when you joined Ravelry's 4,213,343 users) using the Konami code.Here's how. Since it is privately run they can ultimately do what they want. I love that! Since 2016, Americans have discovered that Leftists, especially through their SJW and Antifa branches, are are poor losers. Having apportioned blame to its satisfaction, Ravelry first shut down conservative groups and then shut out conservatives entirely. in a perfect world it would happen. Oh nice I’ll check out that FB group for sure!! They should have forbidden political discussion for EVERYONE. Thank you for speaking up for the smaller voices. Come say hi! It’s time someone else started a group for what Ravelry was SUPPOSED to be meant for – a place to share and/or sell all aspects of the “yarn arts”. That’s a double standard, it’s wrong and it’s far from even handed. All we can do is listen, observe and check voting records. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In my opinion, it was just a hoax to justify a policy intended to be divisive. I extracted my data and deleted my account immediately. Definitely not an attempt to prevent attacks…that statement was an attack. They’ve gone welcome to all who believe only what I do, which I find deplorable. Here are some reasons to celebrate: Thankyou! Why not just put a ban on all political talk? As you can probably imagine- self preservation would deem that I stay in my bunker and let those people talk among themselves. . Well said! They see hatred when he bullies people by calling them names, calls refugees rapists and murderers, refers to the free press as the enemy of the people, uses the name of a Native woman as an insult, responds to an accusation of assault by saying the woman isn’t attractive to him, etc, etc, etc. Ravelry chose to divide and destroy a fun site. I don’t think they wanted conservatives to leave, that’s why they took great pains to say they weren’t banning us. I’ve switched to much less expensive, and still gorgeous reproducable yarns. I agree with you about the policy. Thank you for putting into words the betrayal I am feeling. You may be right, but I haven’t been on Ravelry much in the last two years. the political opinion. They are disgusting . They had no idea that Trump would be the man to release the anger pent-up in conservatives for eight long years of insults and silencing. Aside from sources relating to Lost, there is no evidence for the existence of this band. Lol. So what is the right supposed to do in that scenario.. just keep hearing it and not saying anything about it? I wish we could all come together and just share what we love and let all the rest of the stuff go instead of separating ourselves into exclusive groups. I am not the best at putting my thoughts to words, but this is my attempt: I agree with their stance of not supporting white supremacy. I don’t care if you are Mormon, Catholic, Jewish or Hindu. So when Ravelry decided that I’m a white supremacist just because I don’t rabidly hate every single idea that comes out of Trump’s head (though I do wish he’d put that damn twitter account down once in a while), I had to leave. Thank you. Conservative Christian 72 yr old straight white woman here. None of that was done here. Their promoting misconceptions of people just wanting to take back our country and the direction it has gone under previous political movement’s. I’m going to start acting by slowly jettisoning my Bookwormroom gmail account in favor of a Proton account. There is no grounds for any lawsuit. They sounded very mean spirited and intolerant, ironically what they accused Trump and his supporters of being. What The Bunker’s members discovered in 2009 was that they were also poor winners. I came here to KNIT. It doesn’t stand in the way of my friendship. I left after their post on Instagram said there could be no discussion. Thank you for trying to bring us all back together. And Brooklyn Tweed has a nice website. I want to delete my account, I don’t know how. I look forward to a new knitting place to hangout online. But, I will respond. I went to the polls kicking and screaming. Nice. My only public comment was that I had mixed feelings about the decision, and pitchforks were already being polished. I just knew that that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform. The whole point of the creative arts, such as knitting, is to engage in an activity that is de stressing and creates something beautiful. I work for a non profit healthcare center that cares for impoverished immigrants. So censored for nothing. Sadly I have been proved wrong. Many of you will recognize the name Ravelry, and you should. M Hebert’s husband is a friend of mine.. I’m a straight white girl who was raised going to church regularly. That, however, does not go along with their agenda. I’m a straight white 64 year old female crochet addict. They were saying I was twisting the whole thing. I no longer buy yarn from manipulative and entirely unkind indie dyers. I’ve been in tears this week over the mess on ravelry. Not my business, just an observer but I read the announcement (lots of people are talking about it) and you’re welcome to your pro-Trump opinions just as long as you never even *breathe* them to anyone. It’s quite obvious. I haven’t had time to think about if I’ll delete my account. Ravelry is for sharing knitting and crocheting, not political views. I do needlework for relaxation, not activism. It’s in it’s early stages but worth checking out. I come to these sites for ideas as I knit and crochet for those that struggle ($),cancer patients, new born miracles (babies) homeless. Why can’t everyone see we are being manipulated to hate each other….a divided USA is a weakened USA. They no longer had access to their own information about projects or tools. Thank you for summing up the Ravelry political issue so well. It’s like assuming that everyone of a particular group is a criminal or drug user or promiscuous. Deleted mine as well. Post after post they are proving Ravelry’s point while completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy. Otherwise it will be like, but not like, Ravelry. My decision to leave Ravelry was not politically motivated. Also, they are flat out wrong that we are supporting white supremacy. I always said I could service on a deserted island with a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman books and some yarn. But at least Grandma could post her Trump2020 dishcloth. Thanks for the update on Lion Brand Wool-Ease. But we all did so with the utmost respect for each other and not one person ever left angry or hurt. I dare you’ and ‘your different opinion will be removed’. I also will be leaving soon…need to save all the many patterns in my library first and let some friends know. These kids have been squeezed through the Leftist education funnel and they finally have the power to do something about it. Yes, I am discouraged with both political parties but I love our country (most of the time) and I do believe most people are just doing the best they know how. https://help.loveknitting.com/hc/en-gb/categories/360000136508-Using-the-Website-LoveCraft-Apps. Maybe you could start a knitting club with people more like yourself. Nobody left for just one guy, they left because of the bigotry policy. Knit on head held high Greg! Thank you for being a voice of reason!!!!! But some just like to keep stirring the pot and don’t know how to play nice. I thought it was the American way that a person can do what they want with their property. I look forward to following your knitting adventures and I’ll be sitting here crocheting along with them. You know, I overlooked d*#ks for teddy bears, f you “magic scarves”, and p*ssy hats. My motto is just love everyone. Check out Open Ravel…. No, their decision clearly screamed a desperate attempt to keep us at each other’s throats. I’m a conservative Christian woman and I felt the same way about Ravelry. They have excluded anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2WRSepMM3s&app=desktop, https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/opinion/enterthefray/la-ol-ravelry-trump-white-supremacy-20190625-story.html%3foutputType=amp, “Everyone uses Ravelry”: why a popular knitting website’s anti-Trump stance is so significant, https://help.loveknitting.com/hc/en-gb/categories/360000136508-Using-the-Website-LoveCraft-Apps, Bigotry Is Not Ok (or Ravelry Is at It Again) - Dreaming If. I have a lot of disposable income. If you can’t see the difference or understand why a inclusive website(s) would do this it’s probably better that you do leave. — and they are people from top to bottom with college grads. Over 2700 users have signed up. Ravelry, a private site created in 2007, has transformed from a niche discussion board to a digital marketplace where users can sell their wares and swap patterns in a global community. Once one group is gone, they will find a new group to attack. I got hit with so many hateful comments INSTANTLY that without five minutes I deleted my comment. Originally I was going to ignore this because the ban doesn’t affect me, as I’ve never expressed anything political online nor wanted to make a MAGA tea cozy. This is exactly how I feel! I guess this is what happens when small minded people run a social site. If it had been NO politics discussed then I probably would have been fine with it. Then deleting my acct. 1. I don’t care if they are male, female, or undecided. Same with Alice Starmore. It’s all about breaking down society and any sense of community one might have. know that my principle desire has been to always search for the optimism. It is not only unfair, it is damaging to our country. For a community that blathers on and on about safe spaces, I have never felt so attacked in my life and I never even looked at the forums. . Image has been removed. One woman said the # should be I support them not stand with them because of the people who can’t stand up. “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. I look forward to following your wise blog. On this site, yarn lovers can go find patterns, make friends, sell their own designs, get advice and much more. I haven’t been too Blatant censorship. They didn’t think past their hatred for someone they don’t really even know and have consequently done as much, if not more damage, to people who have used their platform as a means to make a living. Since this whole mess started, I have been struggling to find the words to express the sadness in my heart. I have so much in my pattern library, and I feel so stuck. They get “dumb and dumber” every year. So, even though I’m not pro-Trump, I’m pro-freedom, and I’m anti-Fascist. Actually dems are taking a page out of your book. http://unraveled.net/phpbb/. I too have closed my Ravelry account! They get cruder and uglier every year and even when they appear civil you never know what motivates them. When I first heard on the radio Ravelry’s decision to ban support of President Trump on their website, I thought it had to be a joke, so I went to Ravelry and found their post. We cannot seem to support an LYS here in Louisville.. Three have gone under in the last 6-7 years. I didn’t go to their groups, I didn’t reply to them when they posted in our group trying to stir the pot. It’s so very obvious. This post was suggested to me and it was like an algorithm knew what I wanted to read. No place for politics or racist, gender biased bullies. I just so upset! But, being devoid of political content was not what Ravelry said. You have a long way. Here’s what I’ve been able to piece together by reading the two blogs. Ravelry is way off the mark with their assumptions. Why on God’s green earth would politics EVER be brought into our craft. I will be praying for you. But they will allow F*** Trump patterns to be sold and they did say that anyone who supports Trump is a white supremacist too.. Goodbye ravelry you once had a site for all yet you chose to divide. It makes me so sad to know that people feel excluded in the name of inclusivity. He has done more for people of color and women than any other previous President. I too, deleted my Ravelry account because I no longer felt wanted! They labeled about half of their customers in a hateful way. That is truly my happy place and has been for many years. Being kind is a necessity but this is just too must nonsense! I cannot, in good conscience, be a part of a company that would rather push people away, have them spy and attack each other, rather than bring them closer to the reason we even knit in the first place: to share the sense of peace we gain from knitting with others. The same happened in 2012. When does a knitting site get involved in politics and WHY? It’s worked out with both, because, as you say, it is necessary to come to the table to reach understanding. But when you pick and choose to promote one political stance that is important to you while shutting down everyone else’s opinion on another, then I’m moving on. What does not is blind activism for activism’s sake. The original source came from a blog that has nothing to do with knitting. We are over 50, different political and religious views, and not once has anyone ever said a cross word to another. But to single out a group you do not agree with, label them something HORRIBLE to defend your actions is very Nazi like- do you not agree? When I saw that on the Ravelry homepage it broke my heart for the same reasons. What didn’t seem to have changed since my time on the ListServs was that Ravelry was intended to bring people together around a shared interest, not drive them apart over something unrelated to the craft itself. And I sent them a note, a friendly reminder: “These skeins were not spun to be weapons….”. These days, I think about the moment they lost me forever. It is such a shame that the creators of a beautiful website could then digress to hatred and break their own policies of mind your own business and walk away from opinions you don’t like. You said it all, and SO BEAUTIFULLY!!!! Thanks for the link to ourunraveled.com Janine. Oh he can still be talked about and trashed by liberals all day long. You don’t want to sit at the table with us. Hear! Sad,sad,sad. #walkawayfromravelry. Kay I felt like new people entered the picture. Like the opinion writer who recently wrote that every white person wakes up in the morning thinking they are good because of the color of their skin. Your article is written with thoughtfulness, heart, and eloquence. Likewise, our moderators simply deleted troll posts. Now I am being told I am a racist white supremacist. And that gets me to Ravelry’s first foray into censorship, back in 2009, shortly after Obama was inaugurated. So you know what it feels like to feel different, to be afraid. That’s how Communism has taken hold of countries historically. Ravelry did this same thing to conservatives 10 years ago. I swear it makes me sick just to think of it. My Indian friends have encouraged my curiosity about their beautiful country and have never gotten on to me about my misconceptions. People will lie for money. I however sent them a letter questioning their new rule. As a computer programmer, it’s hard to avoid Indian culture. You have stated it clearly. Many of us had supported others, but when it became apparent that McCain had the blessing of the Republican “powers that be”, we decided to do what we could to support the man … mostly because we knew what a disaster Barack Obama could/would be, and it was apparent that the way was being made clear for Obama….McCain was going to need all the help he could get. as easy as one would imagine. Nevertheless, Ravelry supported political groups in which people could mix crafting and politics. The point of these groups was that people could replicate an actual physical space in which they could get together with like-minded friends and, while crafting, also talk about politics in a way that allowed for respectful (and even snarky) debate but avoided ugly personal attacks. However, if the owners of the website wanted to use that as their platform, I figured it’s their site to do with as they please so I just ignored it. I host a group of Knitters every Thursday. So long as you’re in the deepest darkest closet you’re “welcome” to sit and listen to others deride and abuse you. The Bunker’s moderators eventually had to seek help from Ravelry’s site administrators — again, not because of what conservatives were doing, but because of what trolls brought to the group. , Sorry to hear this, Check out the New Release my friend….. 4Chan has taken the Knitting glory this morning ❤ You want to “build bridges”. Also, you say that you’re gay right? No, YOU’RE dividing us. Their offices. It never ever entered my mind and I have been knitting for over 50 yrs. Just because you have a different political view, it doesn’t mean we can’t communicate. Sometimes we disagreed! Ten million, you say? If anyone is interested, a new site has started called “Our Unraveled” based on the fact the moderator feels the country is becoming “unraveled”. Well said Annie.I have also left my Ravelry account for the same reasons. Thank you, thank you!!! I was upset they would call me, a Southern, Christian woman who supports Trump, a racist. Be polite, do not allow your anger or upset to color what you write to them. We have God and Trump on our side!! https://www.fiberocity.com/. You don’t respect differing opinions. https://www.gofundme.com/f/fiberocity-online-fiber-community-project?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_postdonate_r. Over all, my experience on Ravelry has been very positive. I love the craft, and the history of the craft. It was started by Cassidy and Jess Forbes in 2007. Trump" or pin cushions with Trumps head. I realize I am late to the party as this happened on the 25 of June, but I felt the same way. TEN MILLION??? There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that watches the show, that crab fishing on the Bering Sea is tough. Please keep the truth going and help change other views that we are not evil people. if I leave ..they win. This is racism at its best! That was the absolute BEST satire on a woke liberal I’ve ever seen! I felt that in calling Trump what they did, they insulted yarn artists who support him…as you said, how does this bring us together to heal, share, laugh and bond? We want to just live our lives and be left alone. Add in all my other hobbies and I think I am good. Politicians will come and go, all we really have in life is each other. None of those women who have come forward to accuse him of attacking them has ever been proven true. Finding inspiration and patterns for our creativity and even help and guidance with patterns. I for one fail to see how it helps inclusivity or compassion to implement the policy Ravelry has with their banning of anything Trump. I deleated my account also with years with of projects. I’ve been wondering about it ever since I deleted my Ravelry account a few days ago…. I have been SHOCKED at people who state openly on IG that only their specific group woes and concerns matter. I had a pattern shop there and they made money anytime I sold a pattern. AD. I sighed a little when the pink hat thing became a cause celebre, but I kept it to myself. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that behind this ban, was hypocrisy and bigotry. They are trying to be a space that is exclusionary. The owners are huge liberals who can’t stand people who think for themselves. But of course that’s not what happened. Their opinion would be wrong, and punishing other people for it is also wrong. The virtue signalling of Ravelry should not be confused with actual support for the LGBTQ community. I didn’t like either candidate. Let them enjoy it because they’ll have to endure 4 more years of Trump regardless of what they and Google di to try to stifle our voices. I will be joining Fiberocity once I’ve printed out all my patterns in my library from Ravelry. I just wanted to thank you for your Honest writings, here. I totally agree with you Cheri M. On Instagram when Ravelry stated We cannot silently stand by while people spread their hate no matter what platform they choose to use, be it Ravelry, FB, or any other platform without speaking up. Where adults will be encouraged to be loving, kind, and mature Adults! . Fascism has invaded hand knitting. I just read my own thoughts and reaction to this decision in your words. I have enough patterns and yarn to last me way into the next ice age. However, it’s time to go. I deleted my account too. Truly, thank you so much for that! I could have accepted “no hate tolerated ever, by anyone” or even “check your politics at the door” but the misguided application if everything bad at the feet of one small aspect of politics just blows my mind. And May you always be able to locate a tape measure when you need it. Bravo. This says it better than I can. Don’t invest your emotions over virtual friends because any friendship they provide is fleeting. . Since when? Clearly you thought long and hard about this and articulated your position extremely well. THAT IS A COUNTRY. 2nd time. Yesterday I made the decision to delete my account also. Once again. I’m old! It is a matter of principle and creating more hatred. I’ll see if I can provide a shorter version. I agree with you and I say that a a British Socialist. That doesn’t do me any favors it only alienates me further from the human race. Hence, bad decision. The site is for sharing the love of all the needle arts. There quote, which I cited in my post, was a definite decision to side with ONE political belief over another. The world has enough chaos, biases, division, and corruption. I don’t care that you a conservative, or gay, or a male knitter. The reaction that Ravelry took is what is dividing this country, rather than bringing us together to have the necessary difficult conversations we need to be having. This was a very stupid and classless move on their part and has done nothing to help their business. .. 7% of their case load still involves locating people lost during World War II. These are personal views and have nothing to do with patterns and yarn, etc! I recently bought a patten by Jenn Steingass who has a flair for patterned yoke sweaters but apparently has no web site and her presence in the knitting world seems to be only on ravelry. Some people are just too sensitive. There’s also real pleasure in showing off a finished project to an audience that truly appreciates the effort that went into it. I want to be in a community with other knitters. And God knows we need that NOW more than ever. Nice, huh?. Yesterday, Ravelry, one of the largest fiber arts social media sites, with a member roster 8,000,000 strong, made the equivalent of a loud, rude farting sound in the conservative blogosphere. There is a Go Fund Me to help with expenses too. And I have always loved being part of a beautiful fiber community first as a knitting instructor, then a yarn shop owner, then an owner of a wholesale hand dyed yarn company…and now a.shepherd designing yarn from the hoof on up. They are not banning trump supporters but they are banning any open support of his policies. I think a lot of people fail to realize that behind many wonderful conservatives are people who just want to let others get on with their lives, and expect others allow them to do the same. Rachael (Rashieknits). It looks like they were not only insulting him, but those who support him. But you’re only allowed to speak and post patterns if you’re an anti-Trump jerk. This post is only MY EXPERIENCES on Instagram and Facebook. Moviepass ended 2016 with around 20,000 subscribers, when you had to pay $14.95 for the cheapest package. I LOVE YOU. I will try to download my patterns. One of my very best friends is a liberal gay man with whom I sew costumes for a local theater. I will add that link in a comment to this. Thank you. I actually didn’t even vote for Trump, but I’m one of those crazy people who support the office whether my preferred candidate made it there or not. Because I believe that I was created by a power who tells me I was wonderfully made. Yeah, dont get me started. So in the disappointment of finding out one of my favorite places to find patterns is squashing my free speech and artistic expression, I found the light that is YOU. When I first read this last night I couldn’t believe it. Thank you. So we are left with HL, Michaels, and Joann’s, all of which have their place. There are jerks on both sides. For years now I have used this blog to foster knitting as a method of contemplation, of meditation, and for myself, prayer. So for you l, hateful=any Trump? or to mitigate incidences of discrimination which violate Federal law and result in damages (either material damages or “pain and suffering”). Ravelry includes tools to help you plan and track your projects, and to organize your yarn and tools. Hi! There’s nobody gonna grab the yarn out of my hand and tear my project apart like Jen C described. Am heartened to see there are many others who agree.

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