If you ever have a chance, I'd love for you to open your washer's door then press the door button. Maybe I'lll call Miele's tech support tomorrow so that I can know what to actually do. On the Miele machines, you don't touch the door when you unlock them. Page 3 of 10 Isometric View Front View PRODUCT VIEWS W1 Washing Machine. WWH860 WCS TDos&Int.Wash WiFi W1 Front-loading washing machine with TwinDos and IntenseWash for revolutionary Miele cleanliness & convenience. With a w1514, when the door is open the panel is still lit up. And now I have joint issues so I have basically moved into my 600 sq ft first floor in my old converted summer bungalow. POLL: Stackable or Side by Side Washer and Dryer? JavaScript is disabled. Today, I finally got the washer and dryer hooked up. On the Miele machines, you don't touch the door when you unlock them. Called Miele. And my only bathroom is on the first floor, but it’s 5’ x 6’ so a stackable laundry in there unit would not work unless I lose the tub, but I don’t want just a shower stall. :). Additional pictures of the whole area might help. @scottie mom When I moved in 27 years ago my uncle recommended a hatch to my 350 sq ft unfinished basement which is where my ”laundry room” is. If not you might be able to download it online. This washing machine has undergone a complete functional test at the fact- ory and there will be some residual water in the drum from this process. On older models when the door is open the panel appears dead. They then told me that I will have to call an authorized Miele technician in my area. Do not install or use a damaged machine. DIY. In the search field, you can enter a fault code or a keyword. Are you planning on bifold doors that just span the washer dryer section - between the other cabinets? how to I open my Miele washing machine for repair? From that point of view, if it was in the cold in storage and is now in a nice warm house, you might just wait a day and see if it just settles in and opens by itself. Discover more. Helping You to Do It Yourself! I was lying in bed, still thinking why the door wouldn't open. If in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician. Does the metal latch enter the latch assembly exactly in the center? Try lubricating the gasket so that the door seats easier and does not exert too much pressure on the latch. Or has it been unopened for a couple of years? Aside from reviewing the child-lock settings, please check that the hot and cold hoses are not reversed. My LG washer still looks like new and functions well. Fix a Miele washing machine. Reason 1: There is not detergent in the container or hose. WWH860 WCS TDos&Int.Wash WiFi W1 Front-loading washing machine with TwinDos and IntenseWash for revolutionary Miele cleanliness & convenience. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! ... Load adaptation à la Miele: The smaller the load, the lower the water and power consumption. From the source of the sound, I could tell that the latch (or whatever it's called) is on the left side of the door. I never would have thought of it on my own. I thought my previous machine was great but I think I'm loving this one more. ... WWH 860 WCS TwinDos & IntenseWash WiFi 10666200 1999.0 Miele Washing machines frontloaders Lotus white 4 /e/w1-front-loading-washing-machine-wwh-860-wcs-twindos-and-intensewash-wifi-lotus-white-10666200-p Washing machines. On older machines when the fuse and or relay goes (typically when the shocks are worn) but newer machines the power control chip can end up blown. The ideal time to start a new future together! I often wonder what the original owners do with the operator's manual paper work being outdoor toilets have been obsolete for about a century and certainly not code for at least 50 years. I plan to call one of them soon.I'm just hoping that it's not a major problem since the whole idea of buying the washer used was to save some money. I have Miele washer that I bought from someone two years ago. For example, if fault 'F28' appears on your display, enter 'F28'. The water pressure must be between 14.5 psi (1 bar) and may not exceed 145 psi (10 bar). Miele’s latest W1 range has once again raised the bar for washing machine performance here at Trusted Reviews, and the WCR860 is a truly class-leading appliance all round. Max. You can then grab the door to open it … We have turned the machine off several times to see if " reboo … read more Looking inside, it looks as if the front side of the casing will open so I can get at things. Run the express cycle On warm to see if the warm water removes some of the gunk. Open the washer door all the way to show the four hinge screws. Yes, I have the manual. The couple of contractors that I spoke with back then seemed to think that with the way things were configured that it would be very difficult and/or really expensive to do, and so I put that idea out of my mind. spin speed. With the TwinDos function, two detergent containers can be integrated into the washing machine and the appliance dispenses the optimum quantity of detergent for the laundry at the optimal time in the wash cycle. Even after your programme has started, this function allows you to pause the cycle, open the door and pop in any extra items that you may have missed. I like JWVideo's lift the dryer idea too. Miele washing machines provide quality, top cleaning performance and maximum convenience. Many use a silicone lubricant. If it does need Lube, as them for what type. Without closing the door all the way......check the fitting alignment. To access your clothes there should be an emergency unlock tab under the square door (lower right corner) that you can pull down on and will unlock the door. (kg) 203 (92) Total connected load in kW: 1.30: Miele’s TwinDos provides the most intuitive automatic detergent system on the market. Does the door rub on anything during the closing process? It sounds like your lock is working correctly. They told me to open it. Actually...I wonder if running a cycle would help... Or if it would be a bad idea. Unfortunately, the washer turns on but the door does not open. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. W1 ChromeEdition (10) W1 WhiteEdition (8) View All Show less. Filter Reset all. I tried opening the door manually but it did not work. It's a T 8003).Today, I finally got the washer and dryer hooked up. That’s another story. W1 Page 4 of 10 PRODUCT VIEWS Side View Side View With Door Open W1 Washing Machine.  Shut the door with a gentle swing. I'm very appreciative of everyone who's tried to help me. It's a long story (I had other priorities). I periodically clean the lint filter and drain any standing water in the small hose. I guess I'm not quite following what you are trying to do. Easy to fix. My second choice was a front load LG set that was on sale, which I have now had for over a year. For more formal dining we have an outdoor dining table and heat lamps on the tented deck that runs behind the island. This WSD123 Miele washing machine has an 8kg drum capacity, an AddLoad function, a honeycomb drum, smartphone compatibility & has been tested for 20 years’ use. I also do not use liquid fabric softeners. Depth with door open in in. Since you said it sat for two years without being used, the rubber gasket could have hardened. A worthwhile investment. I would not hesitate to run a cycle in the machine now. I don't know. PRODUCT VIEWS Door Swing W1 Page 5 of 10 Rear View W1 Washing Machine. I then pressed the door button. If in any doubt, consult a qualified elec-trician. I do wipe around the rubber seal and dry the soup dispenser when I am finished with the laundry. An elbow piece for the drain hose is stored in the drum. Does it rub to either side or top to bottom? This means your lock will still be energised and won’t release however it can be fixed by turning off power at the mains and leaving the machine to cool down for 5-10 minutes. :biggrin2: Since you now know the latch operation is working.....now check the latch alignment. Just curious. Below are photos of the door locking mechanisms. The water shut-off valve must be accessible after installation. Like while dusting it? To try and rule that out, you might try taking the weight of the dryer off the top of the washer and then see if you can pop the washer door with the tab release. "Miele's guide to laundry care"). I put a load of towels in this morning and now it won't let me open the door to take them out. Next check the rubber gasket around the tub. The latch opened or unlocked! The model is W 3033.These are really good machines which is why I bought this washer (I also bought a Miele dryer that stacks above the washer. Below is a photo of my washing machine. It's a T 8003). Does it need some lube? If you have any visible water it isn't supposed to unlock. The move is almost complete. Or whether you notice any movement where there door latches on. Instead, I’ve just moved to the ground floor level. Just tried it after this post. Just press the button and the door will open slightly. Every detail has been perfected with Miele’s sophisticated W1 washing machines and T1 dryers. I used a screw driver to press the latch. I am very happy with it; no complaints, and most importantly, clothes come out clean. (mm) 42 1/2 (1077) Weight in lbs. Here in Los Angeles the outdoor dining room is viable dining the vast majority of the year and with some tenting 100% of the year. Miele ChromeEdition WDA, W 3000 and W 5000 washing machines and TDA and T 8000 tumble dryers with a straight fascia can be built-under. Also, I noticed your water supply lines for the washer are connected to a recessed box. 2 of 18 . Does a Bluestar range have insulation in the kick plate. Read more. I would love to see your pics though! This should never happen with a cold-water rinse unless the hoses are reversed. $ 3,299.00 ** Details I'm going to need you until I get used to my washer. Before setting up the washing machine, check it for any externally visible damage. Unfortunately, I tried pulling the tab but the door would not open. It's a long story (I had other priorities).Unfortunately, the washer turns on but the door does not open. I'm afraid to try because I don't want the door getting stuck again. I am hopeful that with proper maintenance it will provide me with many years of good service. 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With my machine, I don't hear a thing or see any movement when I press my door button when the door is open. I do have a half floor above the front two thirds of my house, but that isn’t really used much nowadays because there’s not even a half bath up there. I admit I've lost more than a few nights sleep over our bold choice so we shall see how it pans out. Miele W1 WSG663 Wifi Connected 9Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A+++ Rated. That way if you happen to get a leak at the fittings it simply goes into the drain. I have the same machine and the manual release works in mine. Are there side walls on both sides? In regards to the island height, it also suits our bodies better. I don't really like bifolds because they don't do much to stop the noise of the washer dryer. For Miele washing machines with LiquidWash! I got the latch to lock with the screw driver. Did I make a terrible mistake choosing a white fridge?! Free and fast delivery on all orders over £15 ... /e/front-loaders-1015701-c Front loaders.

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