I used red/brown miso paste, because that’s what we had on hand, and I think if anyone follows suit you should halve the amount of miso and adjust from there. AJNS New Media GmbH | Storkower Straße 115 | 10407 Berlin | Phone: +49 (0)30 695 182 91 | Email: hello@kitchenstories.deRepresented by Mengting Gao & Verena HubertzKitchen Stories is supported by product placement. I’ve done the pickled scallion thing for a rice dish- they were amazing! This soup does look delicious. i havent tried doing carrot soup. I did a glaze for a lentil loaf and a soup. So far my best is some pickled Japanese cucumbers, but you’ve got such a great culinary brain that I figured I’d check in with you too. Just made this but I either put in too much miso or my miso was saltier than other miso. I went back and forth with this recipe but ultimately left the recipe vegan. Love the addition of miso and sesame :). I love those long skinny carrots. Want to make this for dinner Friday night. Also I was going away for a long weekend of scrapbooking with women friends. I would definitely try this soup. This recipe looks great, but do you have any idea how many servings it yields? Soups are pretty much my favorite dinner to make, and I’ve never made a carrot one (tough I’ve wanted to). This is a really interesting soup. Yeah..pretty pushy of me. Loved this soup. We always get stuck with the thick woody ones. I ate two giant bowls for dinner and have enough for 3-4 leftover. Thank you for this recipe. I will clarify that in the recipe. Just made the soup for dinner, absolute AMAZING! I can’t wait to try the recipe again :-), Wonderful recipe! I made this for dinner tonight with the scallion meatballs. Pickled scallions? Happy soup-eaters we are in VT tonight! :). Note: This soup is “gluten-free” with a large caveat, and that is that most miso is in part from barley and is not gluten-free. Other carrot soups I’ve tried tasted like baby food. This will be a regular in our dinner rotation for sure! It was a little bland before adding that. I love the idea stemming from the japanese carrot miso dressing. thanks for the great recipes!!! I’m ABSOLUTELY making this for dinner tonight. Heat the coconut oil in a large saucepan and sauté the onion, garlic, ginger, and chili over medium heat. I just might give this a go because I love miso and I can somehow imagine how it will add that needed spark to an otherwise boring carrot soup. This sounds so good! Fantastic! Why do you go to the effort of thinly slicing the carrot if you will puree the soup anyway? Can you recommend a side dish or side salad for these from your site? I made this for dinner tonight using red miso, which was all I could find. Heat to a simmer, then reduce heat and cook for 20 minutes or until carrots are tender. Cover the pot with a lid, and continue cooking for 30-45 minutes, or until the daikon and carrot … I saw your recipe earlier today, and made this tonight for my husband and daughter! Where do you buy toasted sesame oil? Posted and linked to you! The Better Than Bouillon vegetable base is what I’d use, but some people find it too salty. By clicking "submit", you’re consenting to our email newsletter with cooking content and information on products. Love the unctuous, yet virtuous look of your soup. Thanks for the recipe. I’ve never seen such fusion!) Love this virtuous recipe! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hope that helps. I could eat (toasted) sesame seed oil by the spoonful. It’s absolutely perfect. The only downside to this soup is that it’s SO good, I’m tempted to keep eating and eating and eating. Thanks Deb, this one’s a keeper in my house! It’s a soup day here in the bahamas. I first posted way up at 18, and have neen meaning to make this ever since. 4 regular or 6 small garlic cloves, peeled and smashed And a confirmed miso hater licked the bowl. Ok, next week we will be having those cute little meatballs along with this soup for dinner. I just made this and it was incredible!!! Like a few others, I’ve been a fan of this soup for years. I’m wondering how many servings does this recipe yield? This soup is sitting on my stove, waiting for my husband to get home and it is just delicious! I just, um, grabbed the wrong line. It all comes together harmoniously, dancing off into a 4:40 p.m., 27-degree sunset. Stir the mixture back into the pot of soup. So I made this soup for Friday night dinner – with the marinated scallions – and it was a huge hit, even with the carnivorous types who tend to wrinkle their noses at dishes that seem too ‘healthy.’ The miso makes it taste wonderfully rich and special. :), I’m not a huge carrot person but this is soooo good! Ah just what I needed for this freezing cold weather! question/clarification i wanted to bring up: i bought regular sesame oil from an asian market for this recipe and am only now noticing that it doesn’t specifically say “toasted.” ‘is there a huge difference?’ i wondered. The first thing she made her “other” family was your Raspberry Ricotta Scones. Nothing is better than hot soup in the winter time:) I love the garnish- it looks lovely! Have you made it like that? A cream-free vegetable soup sounds just about perfect for this week. Cover and simmer until carrots are tender when pierced, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes. Even so, I thought the soup was good and may water it down for lunch. Theresa — Miso is tough to replace because it’s a complicated ingredient/complicated flavor. First off, finding miso in the supermarket felt like hitting the lottery for me in poo-donk NJ. I added a little swirl of plain greek yogurt to mine and it made for a really nice balance with the rich sweetness of the carrots. Thanks for sharing. A dairy-free soup! And I love the miso flavor! And I agree, sesame oil is like crack!! Made this for dinner tonight — DELICIOUS! Many versions of carrot soup are out there, and this is probably my favorite so far. 20 min., or until the carrots soften slightly. Also had some homemade croutons dying to go swimming on top. Love that it’s vegan but has a creamy feel to it. . I wish I had read the comments though because I’m going to be reheating this for lunch at work and will have to try to rewarm it gently in the micro. this recipe and the miso primer couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Homemade always makes me feel better when I’m sick, and I think this will do the trick. BTW we used 1.5 Tbsp fresh ginger. 2 pounds carrots, peeled, thinly sliced I’d love to make this tonight, and not have to put up a broth pot today…. This looks perfect! will definitely make again. This took some time to make but was completely worth it. In a large pan, sweat the onion, garlic and ginger, then add the miso. I had to use a miso soup mix, which was a mediocre substitute, but I also added a little soy sauce, and that seemed to work well. If not I may just make a batch of your original recipe for myself. I was bracing myself for a slew of “rabbit food” jokes, but instead he asked for seconds! I made this last night for dinner and I was very impressed. thanks for always posting such great recipes and happy new year xxo em. Other times, in the fridge section (it’s kept refrigerated). However, if you have any parmesan rinds, toss them in while the carrots are cooking. YES! I use just water, not vegetable stock, and I love the taste of miso, so I end up using close to a full 1/2 cup of miso paste. I have that, but use so little fresh that it’s not worth buying a root. This was great! Thank you Deb :). This soup looks like heaven in a bowl to me. This was tasty, moreish, savoury in that lovely deep, umami miso way! :). I made it in an instant pot so I didn’t have to cut the carrots thinly, I just cut them into big chunks and used the soup mode with a natural release. I have a miso-loving mother, so I’m ok with the miso thing…if only it was cheaper to get where I live. Never head it describe as crack before — but I complete agree. Has anyone every shredded the carrots in the food processor instead of chopping? Just made it and YUM! He tasted it before leaving and insisted I send him the recipe. xo. Voila! Checking out the recipes on Top Chef (where I heard about the freaking things to begin with) yields fifteen unrealistic gems such as “Achiote-Marinated Cochinta Pibil with Sunchoke Puree and Crispy Pigs Feet”. Carrot, Ginger & Miso Soup. I needed this recipe. I love how short the ingredient list is! I am definitely making this!! YUM! Trim and halve lengthwise carrots and cut into chunks. Hi Deb. This looks great! So amazing and easy to make THANK YOU. My. Taste the soup and season with salt, pepper or additional miso to taste. I consistently LOVE everything you post! 2 tablespoons olive oil or is it significantly better with fresh carrots? I used regular sesame oil because it’s what I had, and while I haven’t had toasted to compare, I can confirm that my husband and I took down the whole pot, so it couldn’t have suffered too much. This totally worked subbing the carrots with winter squash. Cooking it tomorrow! In a small bowl, whisk together the miso an a half-cup of the soup. just found a whole lot of spinach recipes on your index.who knows why i couldn’t see them last time i looked. not sure, it didn’t say, but it was sort of a brownish/redish color) seemed to work just fine. So good in fact, that I am currently slopping up the leftovers at work. The photos, the recipes…it’s all good! Cover and bring to a boil, then reduce heat to simmer. some of my favorite pickles as a kid were carrots pickled in sugar and miso. Thanks for a great recipe! Finally a delicious option to make for vegan friends that I can also appreciate. Stir, and cook for 3 minutes. Thank Goodness!!! I love the ginger-miso-carrot salads at sushi bars, so maybe I’ll love the soup version of it! starring this on on my google reader! Thanks Deb! (maybe you don’t even know, just curious) … I am making it tonight (and peeling them!) New here? Your mention of a tofu cube made me think they would be a good accompaniment, and I had some nice lemony baked tofu left over, so I cubed it and we had it as a third garnish,with the sesame oil and scallions. I am definitely adding it to my favorites. Other sesame-obsessed people might try the same next time. Arrange in an even layer and roast in the oven until … Veggie stock, easy to make small batches of your own if you keep a bag in the freezer for carrot tops/celery bottoms/onion skins, etc. Thanks for sharing. This is a great way to use them up, especially since I pretty much have the rest of the ingredients always in stock (game changer: fresh ginger keeps fantastically in the freezer so you can always have it on hand). Thanks so much for the recipe. I haven’t made it in quite some time, but I feel like that is going to change this afternoon. Have to admit its the toasted sesame oil that wins me over. I did not have any fresh ginger so used powdered, I do think the soup would have been even better with fresh ginger. I was getting a ton from my CSA and this was a nice change of pace for them. Thank you once again for the high quality recipe. Yesterday I was wanting to make something with miso in it since I’d bought some last month. It totally made the dish. And it’s absolutely gorgeous. My partner and I are not carrot fans, but as loyal CSA consumers we have been forced over the years to develop an arsenal of recipes to deal with the inevitable onslaught of carrots-and this one takes the cake! Thanks! Just a question about thinly slicing the carrots before sauteeing them. Oh I did make one adjustment, I had chicken stock on hand so I used that, not vegetable stock. https://smittenkitchen.com/2012/01/carrot-soup-with-miso-and-sesame Pressure cooked for 20 minutes, and, once it was pureed, the texture and flavor were better than in a regular pot. i’m going to make this!!! i just made this with leeks instead of onions and water instead of vegetable broth and it came out great!! Thank you, Deb! Keep up the great work :). Look no further! Now that I spent $6 on a tub of miso, I will be looking for other uses for it! You will need to seek out a miso brand — such as this shiro miso from Eden — that is clearly marked as such for it to be good to go. We now have half a foot of snow so this was perfect! Deb, I just made this soup and it was fantastic! I’ve made this soup three times now…I’ll literally be sitting at work and will just suddenly get a craving for it, then end up planning out my grocery store run for the rest of the day. So easy and so delicious! The pressure cooker concentrates the carrot flavor while also making them super soft for blending. Just made this tonight. This is absolutely delicious. Made it tonight and it came out delicious. I am going to give this soup a try. my boyfriend took the soup and i did the meatballs and it was fun and super yum! Weirdly I am developing a carrot-miso recipe too – carrot and millet souffle, with ginger and miso ‘gravy’. and then the soup. Everyone liked the dinner but RAVED about the soup. discovered smitten kitchen thrpugh the chocolate pear cake. I used brown miso (had it in the fridge) but didn’t read the comments and added the full amount- I don’t think it was too salty. I used 1/2 cup organic light/mellow white miso (flavor still wasn’t very miso-y but that’s all I had). best carrot soup i’ve ever made. made this last night. I love love love your blog Deb. I also added 1.5 times the suggested amount of ginger. I also added some greek yogurt for the creaminess without any of the actual fat, and extra protein to boot. Thanks so much! so yummy, my 4 year old ate it which is testament to it’s yumminess for all ages!! 1 tablespoon finely chopped or grated ginger, or more to taste (it could easily be doubled) and like you, I’m not a fan of carrot soup! Sorry it’s taken me so long to write… You are my go-to person for recipes :) Thank you all over again for this recipe – it is delicious and simple to make. I think Deb has a new follower! We made a half-recipe and it was plenty for warming night for two. As per Emily’s question -According to Deborah Madison’s “Vegetable Soups” miso should not be overheated and especially not boiled, it quickly degrades in quality. She also got to “help” me make it. Oil. The kids woke up this morning, all prepared to each take a thermos of this for their school lunch. My family has recently gone vegan, so I’m always on the lookout for something truly tasty and satisfying and not just a pile of lentils and grains (not that there’s anything wrong with that… This soup just rocked my world. Simmer for 20 minutes, then add the miso paste, coconut cream, nutritional yeast, orange juice … How many servings does this recipe provide? This soup looks delish! White miso paste gave a very nice deep flavour to the soup. I served it with brie and cranberry chutney panini. I was planning on making this for friends last night, but plans fell through. at least for a little while. Delicious! The soup looks very fulfilling and healthy, which is what we love! Highly recommended. I ended up doubling the ginger and the miso, and also added a tablespoon or so of lemon juice to brighten it up just a bit. I never see them around here. simple, delicious recipe! I’ll be making this soup often. Unbelievable soup. It was also super easy! I followed the recipe exactly except I did it in our instant pot which made it extremely easy. this is what’s for dinner- along with a simple Martha Stewart pot sticker recipe, using more of the scallions and ginger of course! Holy cow, that’s brilliant. Thanks for yet another great recipe! Thank you again! When I make a pureed soup, I just roughly cut the vegetables. Sooo GOOD!!! Otherwise the miso clumps up, but if you mix it into the pot later and reheat it won’t retain the flavour. I made this soup on Sunday, and it has fed my vegan husband and me all week so far! This is such a wonderful recipe! I haven’t used miso paste before so I don’t know if it would be okay to freeze? But, alas, when I click the link, it takes me right back to this post. Is there a reason you peeled the carrots instead of just scrubbing them? Add the diced carrots to the pan and briefly sauté before adding the vegetable stock and bringing to a boil. I find the coriander/ginger combo to be very good with the carrots. I did not have scallions so I sprinkled some gomasio as a finish. The “one cube of tofu away from earning a halo” cracked me up. I eat this either garnished with dill or thinned out with vegetable broth and some udon noodles. I followed your recipe to the T, peeling and slicing young carrots, they were so sweet. Perfect, perfect, perfect on a cold, rainy day. Amazon has a very good source of roasted hazelnuts, if you can’t find them locally. Deb, this is my ideal carrot soup. Thanks for yet another amazing recipe! https://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/recipe-carrot-miso-soup Yum! Happy new year Deb! didn’t modify anything except i used red miso instead of white. I had made three kinds of soup, a double batch of this one, for eight people, and there was none to be found for school lunches. I (unfortunately/lazily) had to use bouillon cubes for the stock and I think I would use less next time so that it tastes more “carroty”. :), This soup was DELICIOUS!!! I’ve made it twice in a week. I like this site. Seems like cooking it along with might allow the flavors to meld together better… Am I missing something? 2 pounds carrots, peeled and chopped into 1-inch chunks; 1 pound celery, chopped into 1-inch chunks; 1 pound yellow onions, halved, peeled, and cut into 1 … I made this last night and it was delicious. They’re much sweeter/more flavorful. I substituted a chopped fennel bulb for some of the carrots. 12 large/1 kg carrots Thanks for a great soup. Boil 500ml of hot water or beef stock, with the carrot pieces until the carrot is tender, Lower the heat and add the beef pieces to the hot liquid. But now I really have to say it out loud: This soup is fantastic!!! Just made this tonight – absolutely delish! Made it – LOVED it and have added it to my file of favorite recipes ever. This was amazing — I think the best carrot soup I’ve ever made! I just got an immersion blender for Christmas, and this will be the first thing I use it for. After we’d finished this amazing meal my husband said, “That smitten kitchen woman really always gives a home run.” I just couldn’t agree more!! This looks so, so good. Just finished making a pot of this beautiful soup. STIR in kale and cook just until wilted, 1 min. thanks a lot for the recipe!! I love this, and how it is such a relatively quick dinner option. First published January 3, 2012 on smittenkitchen.com |, index of cookbooks referenced on smitten kitchen, http://twin-tastes.blogspot.com/2011/10/soup-art.html. I was wary of the pickled spring onions (scallions)… but they are awesome with the soup!!! one quick question. I’ve made this recipe multiple times, and I adore it. But, we had to use it up, and the flavor was gorgeous here! looking forward to trying some more. Those ingredients alone make this soup worth making. I used 2 cups of chicken broth and 2 cups of water instead of veg stock because it was what I had around and it still worked perfectly. A quick and healthy soup made with sweet winter carrots and the super spice turmeric, then seasoned with fermented miso. Ohh… WOW! I’ve had this recipe bookmarked since it appeared and I finally made it tonight! However I must say after reading this recipe, I am going to have to try it. I made this. This soup was a surprising hit (I wasn’t surprised, because all of your recipes turn out well; I was surprised the Mister liked it so). Thank you. Due to the lockdown, I didn’t have any fresh ginger so I used ground ginger and I used the instant pot method. Thanks! Lovely. This looks amazing and I wish there was a pot of it on the stove right now! what on earth was i thinking? https://www.feastingathome.com/orecchiette-with-creamy-carrot-sauce Usually when you finish a soup like this — and by “like this” I mean a relatively simple sauté of onion and garlic, a simmering of vegetables in broth followed by a run in the blender — cream or crème fraiche or sour cream goes in and you could do that here, but I didn’t want to bury the brightness of the miso paste, so I instead drizzled some toasted sesame oil on it (which is, frankly, like crack to me) and scattered some thinly sliced scallions. ever! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This one was very rich and flavorful. It’s so filling but so healthy as welll. This soup is next on my list! Miso soups taste best when it’s added at the last minute, so that right before you serve it, as you would here. I would do a little less next time. I substituted 1/4 of the carrots for parsnips. I made this this week, and the sesame oil was magical on it. So delicious! since miso can make a stock? I just discovered a very similar version of this soup earlier this week and it seems you read my mind. In ancient China, the soybean was considered to be one of five sacred grains, along with barley, millet, rice, and wheat. Seriously. Thanks for the great recipe! The toasted sesame oil makes all the difference in this recipe. Even better as leftovers the next day, but definitely do not skip the toasted sesame oil! I can’t wait to make this soup. I recently bought a bag of white miso from an Asian grocery store for the Bon Appetit Food Cleanse and I was wondering what more I could do with it. This is the perfect post-holidays winter soup — thanks so much for posting! Hi Deb. Just made this and paired with with apple and brie paninis: http://twin-tastes.blogspot.com/2011/10/soup-art.html. Looks amazing Deb! young and still learning to cook. I made it last week for book club and it was a bit hit! No reason not to do it your way if you’re going to fully puree it. But it’s definitely another keeper. I’m in charge of entree this week for my Sunday family dinner and traditionally the entree has been a meat option, while the other contributors bring side dishes, salad, etc. 1/4 c. chopped fresh coriander, I also deglazed the pan with ¼ c of cognac before adding the stock (I used homemade Vietnamese-style chicken, not veg). Also, if anyone’s debating whether to give it a go without the miso – it adds a lovely umami to the soup, but it’s still totally amazing without it. Oh my goodness. After our first try with miso (a different soup) was a bit of a flop, we were hesitant about using it again. Finally got around to itjust now for lunch. Thank you for the inspiring soup recipe! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us! Okay, here’s the goofy reason: I get so tired (woe is me) of adding all the ASCII/HTML codes to commonly used French and other words that I keep them all in a document where I can easily cut and paste them as I need them. 2012 is about trying new things so I am going to give this recipe at try. If you don’t have the rinds, grate about ½ cup of so of parmesan in at the end of the soup. https://www.washingtonpost.com/recipes/carrot-and-miso-soup/9800 Here, in the form … Hi Deb, It was deliciious, but I thought it needed some work– I was in the mood for a more spicy soup: I added: Miso is always a winner with me. There’s a Szechwan Carrot Soup recipe from Gourmet I like to bastardize–sub coconut milk for the regular, plus a few other method modifications. – and, for a bit of extra protein, poached some salmon, put the salmon in the bottom of my soup bowl, and ladled the soup on top of the salmon. but I never do for snack time and was wondering if anyone knew if there was any truth. Add the savoy cabbage, carrot, and season with salt and pepper. Wow, i love carrot soup, but never have thought to add miso or sesame! The ladies were digging through my cupboards to find enough tupperware to each take a bowl of this home for lunch today; the woman who had never tasted miso and had to be cajoled into trying a bite – was the first one searching the cupboards. Very interesting combination of miso and carrots. Added a potato to add some structure to it, a little brown sugar, soy sauce, and sriracha, and it turned out well. I can’t wait to try this. So lush and mouth-y, and tastes as if it has lots of rich dairy but it doesn’t. Ellie — I’ve bought it at Asian markets, though I am sure WF sells it too. Yum, yum, yum! I will try this. Yummy :) I loooooove the sesame oil on top. The perfect supper for the first snowy evening of the year. That soup looks absolutely amazing. I love everything from Smittenkitchen that I’ve made, including the double choclate torte that sounded impossibly hard but was incredibly delicious! I am notoriously bad at soups and notoriously addicted to Asian food so I’ll be making this. My tips: Thanks, Deb! My intention is to have it chilled as I love cold soup in summer. This recipe reminded me how easy and affordable it is to eat seasonally, simply, and well. I will take the recipe to try, can’t wait! Carrot soup is a favorite of mine. i know healthy can be delicious. Wow I made this last night when I had a series of visitors passing through. I knew there was a reason I made maple-walnut cake (using all my walnuts) instead of carrot cake today!! I’m so making this and I love the idea of pickling the green onions – why have I never thought of that?! Perfectly balanced soup and I LOVED the pickled scallions. Hi Deb! I have a giant bag of it and am forever looking for ways to use it up. thanks! Carrot soup is one of my favourites so I made this right away. Thanks, I saw this recipe and I really wanted to try it — but I didn’t want to use up all of our raw carrots, since they’re a snack and lunchtime staple for my fiance and me. This will go into regular winter soup rotation! When I got home I changed, went into the kitchen and started on the soy glaze (from the other post), then the turkey meatballs (from the other post), took a break to eat the meatballs and sauce (SO GOOD!) This looks very healthy and warming as well, which is just what we all need this cold winter I think. Thanks as always Deb! You’re fabulous! I used the large ugly carrots from the bulk bin of the store — still came out great. But I have heard all my life’ the nutrition is in the skin’ … is that true with carrots? This fabulous soup was the hit of a Honey of a Dinner I served last night. I know, it’s probably like saying “all the nutrition is in the crust” … it took me a long time to realize that the crust was made out of the same stuff as the bread….. A good friend of mine recommended I check out your blog and I immediately fell in love. Thanks for sharing this recipe. A very easy recipe – even for my first time (pickled scallions included). Also, quick question: how do you cut the carrots for this recipe? I’m not that fond of carrot soup — it simply seems a bit bland to me — but the addition of ginger and miso give it such a unique taste. I tried this recipe last night. The next week I was visiting my mom who is pretty ill and she asked me to cook. Carrot soup, hasn’t always been one of my favorites. I very much like the idea you give the carrot soup a taste of miso, this must be delicious. Deb – writing out a shopping list now so I can make this soup tonight! The miso I used was mugi miso, the dark kind. thank you for sharing this! That sounds absolutely heavenly. I just need beans or nuts if I’m eating vegan. :). thank you. How far in advance can I make it. Three years ago:Potato and Artichoke Tortilla i see i’m not the only one into multiple o’s. Miso Soup with Tofu, Spinach, and Carrots Be the first to rate & review! An FYI for those who also may reserve the recipe for when they have more time on their hands–this cut out a lot of the prep time and tastes just as good! I made this for dinner tonight and it was great. At a time of year when it seems to be all root vegetables, all the time, this soup was terrific. It’s fun cooking with you! This, previously unheard of, tuber was all the more intriguing when a quick internet search revealed that it was also called a Jerusalem artichoke. As with most soup, I found this so much better the next day after reheating over the stove. The cooked soba noodles flavoured with sliced green onions and toasted sesame seed serve as the perfect topping for this delicious carrot-miso soup. I’m glad I said something, because you’ve just made writing my master’s thesis that much easier (I, too, am avoiding something…) Thanks! These are excellent pairings! Carrot, Miso and Sesame. I made the lightly pickled scallions and loved the flavour that they added. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for so many wonderful great recipes :). Thanks so much! I’ll be trying this one for sure! I just made this- Fantastic! Thanks for all your work making recipes I come back to time and again! They are more dramatic, visually, and I think they add such a lovely fresh snip of flavor. Who woulda thunk carrots could taste so good? Healthy Happy New Year, Jodie aka Virgingirl, living…yep in the Virgin Islands, and making hot soup! Oh, and I also sprinkled some shichimi togadashi on top! Last night I was the host of Book Club, and in snowy blowy Michigan, there’s nothing like soup for supper with the girls. Bigger hunks of carrots could have you cooking much longer too. Add the star anise, carrot juice and 3 cups water, then cover and boil until the vegetables are tender, about 20 minutes. For all you readers out there who think this sounds divine, it is!!!!! I am Type 2 diabetes and considering cooked carrot have high GI I keep off but insist on my kids veggies are the best. I can’t wait to try this this week!! Your soup looks amazing – going to give it a try! Loved how easy it was and how tasty it turned out. carrot miso soup + seaweed snaps You’ll want to add the miso to this soup after everything has cooked because once miso boils all the healthy benefits contained within it are destroyed. Thanks for a simple and yummy recipe, Deb! I used 2 tbsp of ginger but honestly, I could’ve used more. I wonder if leaving the stock out all together would work too? bursting with flavor and filled to the brim with vitamin rich carrots I’ve never used a peeler for that before, but now I shall have to try it. I must admit I added some crumbled bacon to the top for my carnivorous hubby. I may have overdone it with the miso a bit. I didn’t add any salt or pepper, didn’t feel the need. What brand of vegetable broth do you use? I love it as an appetizer with friends, instead of just finger bites… thanks for the post, lovely ! For any recent InstantPot converts, this soup is perfection. I don’t even like cooked carrots but I can hardly wait to try this recipe! I couldn’t find white miso, but the miso I found (brown? I just got my instant pot as a gift and this is the second recipe I’ve tried. Super easy for a cooking noob like me too–and cheap ingredients to boot! And thank you! I second Emily’s comment above, that you should go light on the sesame oil. New to miso? Plus those cucumbers. I adore miso and this beautiful soup! Thank you! I served it with some of those sesame rice crackers from Whole Foods. 1/4 cup white miso paste, or more to taste, To finish I’ve been on a carrot soup kick lately but it was getting boring, miso is just what it needs. Puree soup in batches in blender, or all at once with an immersion blender. I know now to make sure I have that much on hand! I love the balance between healthy hearty recipes, and the way you also indulge with full fat, full flavor recipes also. Worried that the store won’t have miso paste though. I finish with toasted pumpkin seeds or peptitas The soup is good without them, but with them? I just made this and it is delicious. Couldn’t improve this. Not only have I treated myself by following your recipes, so has my daughter who lives part time in Italy. Delish! also, i added 1/2 cup of water at the end because it got a little thick. are what really make the soup, though. For this soup, I thought it was too much miso, but I’m a little averse to salty. This soup was fantastic-so simple and delicious. thanks so much! Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a large pot over medium heat. Like a few other commenters, I found that by the end I wanted to bump up the roundness of the flavor, so I actually added a couple dashes of hot sauce and a drizzle of rice vinegar. Re: sesame oil– you can taste the difference. I’ll be making it even more often now. This soup is awesome! I think I know where my big bag of carrots is headed- thanks for saving me from carrot stick hell. Japanese salad dressing with lots of ginger is one of my favorite things- I can’t wait to try this! what are your thoughts of using red miso with this? Mirepoix is a trio of vegetables as special to French cooking as butter. By any chance, can you recommend a packaged vegetable broth that you like? I’m with you on all fronts — I too find carrot soups boring but love that carrot-ginger dressing. Bon Appetit! Made this last night- so simple but delicious! While I adore your writing, your spirit, your humor, your explanations… I keep coming back for a snapshot of that little buddy. I just made this for lunch. That is a fascinating way to prepare carrots for soup. red? Miso, buy a tub and it lasts forever. add the garlic and ginger, stir, and heat until fragrant, 1-2 minutes. ), you should be able to get it at the Chinese/Japanese sections of the INA market in Delhi, right opposite Dilli Haat. In all the glory of the internet, few rated or reviewed recipes exist that use the sunchokes as more than a filler or garnish. I made this soup to spec, and man, what a delicious soup it is! Just wanted to thank you for making me look like an amazing cook. The big chunks can take a bit more time. Having one right now :) the semi-hassle of prepping the carrots was balanced out by the ease of the rest of the recipe. I made a carrot, apple, and ginger soup once. Heat oil in heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Best carrot soup I have ever had (even had all the ingredients on hand!). Thanks for sharing. I love sesame oil but for some reason it just didn’t jive for me on this. Vegetarian parsnip soup with beetroot chips, Roasted Romanesco salad with pomegranate aioli, Tomato-melon gazpacho with coconut croutons. I actually got both my kids to eat cooked carrots without a single complaint. Deirdre — The darker the miso, the saltier it is, FWIW next time. so i think i have the right oil. I also love the idea of making the little meatballs from your earlier post to go with it! These ingredients are all pantry staples for me, and I love a good soup that’s easy, tasty, and filling. Thanks for another great recipe. Love the Staub photo, with the halo-y, singing cherubs effect around it. i made carrot soup for the first time 2 weeks ago and loved it!!! Three of us polished it off. Cut sweet potato into medium-size chunks. Amazing. Although I already tried some of your recipes (the Chili con Carne, the pumkin soup) I never felt an urge to comment here. Just made this for dinner and it was FANTASTIC. Thank you! Hey, Deb! Very Interesting and Healthy Tip.Will try it out. Also was given an immersion blender for Christmas that I’ve been wanting to use, so this is some great timing! and you’re right. Very budget friendly too! I also add toasted sesame seeds to garnish. YUMMY! About 5 minutes of effort: I chopped all the vegetables (including the ginger) into big chunks, sauteed onions and garlic, added everything else (including still-frozen chicken broth). Really, really delicious – and I thought I didn’t like cooked carrots! I’m eating it chilled, as a summer soup – just couldn’t resist overdoing it with the pretty carrots at the farmers market. 4 tbsp rice wine vinegar Have made and shared many of your recipes all with rave reviews! My only change was adding a scoop of tahini when I was blending the soup because I was sad to see only sesame oil drizzled on top. I haven’t tried the miso yet either, but it looks delicious. I will definitely give this a try… this is a healthy alternative that I believe taste delicious.. we made this last night along with the turkey meatballs. I made the pickled scallions – excellent! I’m a long time reader who frequently cooks food inspired by you but I seldom comment. I can almost smell it! can’t wait to try this recipe! It was delicious! My only tiny quibble was that I found it a bit salty. The best soup I’ve ever had. I love that stuff!! can’t wait to try this the the carrots i have left from NYE dinner. I liked it, but I recommend not making it when you’re tired. but wondering how much you would put in if you used something other than white miso. Sounds weird I’m sure, but it ended up tasting really nice after our ministrations. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ok, so I’m a year late to the party … but I loved this. My suggestion would be to make the soup doing everything short of adding the miso. Unfortunately, I got sick this week so both the cleanse and this recipe will have to wait, but thanks to the primer now I know my miso will be good for a while! (The first being a pressure cooked version of Debs dahl… also unbelievable). does this sound right deb/smitten community? it tastes like i’m eating a dumpling. more. So sweet lots of people call them candy carrots. This is the one. Oh for so long, I have been so, so, SO smitten by your kitchen. Cheers. 1 t dried Aleppo pepper (you can sub ½ t chili flakes or ¼ t cayenne) Yum! Thanks. Any suggestions for substitutes, or is this one of those things that can’t be replaced? 4 cups vegetable broth Usually, recipe writers urge you to season food throughout, building layers of flavor. Next time, I would either dial back the miso or use low-sodium vegetable broth. I’m glad someone feels the same way I do. Since my gorgeous farmers market carrots come with fantastic fluffy greens i blanch and then sauté them with a little sesame oil and smoked tofu to have as a side with this soup. Place the miso in a small bowl, and add a ladle of soup. Thanks so much for a delicious sounding recipe for a creamy soup that is dairy-free. As a new user I was a bit unsure of how to adjust the recipe, so I’m going to describe in detail what I did: I prepared all of the veggies as the recipe reccomends (thinly sliced carrots, etc). And I am also one of those that tends to avoid the overly healthy meals, but this sounds sooo flavorful. And, I am now stuffed with two large servings. tomorrow’s lunch is so, super sorted out. i only had brown miso in the fridge, so i think based on comments i will add less. I’m very lactose intolerant & miss all the creamy soups (which also usually happen to be the soup of the day at restaurants!) Otherwise, lovely! Ted. I followed another poster’s suggestion of making it in the pressure cooker. My.Oh.My.Oh.Good.Heavens was this delicious. People win the dinner at the bee club auction and I promise a five course dinner with every menu item containing honey – so I added 1/2 tsp of honey to the soup and pickled the scallions with honey substituted for the sugar. i am making this now, smells so good. Since it’s all going to be pureed in the end, chunks vs slices doesn’t affect final texture, and I don’t find the flavour is affected. thanks for sharing it with miso. That’s why it’s not recommended to add miso to the portion of the soup that you plan on freezing. … I made this and it was wonderful! 1 t sumac I used the higher amount of ginger, and it was perfect. I chopped the carrots using my food processor, which definitely helped speed things up. the sesame oil makes it. Remove from heat. Miso or Parmesan. Your shots are always lovely but I find soup to be such a tricky little reflective beast to tackle and yours is gorgeous. thanks for the great recipe!! I used a bit of soy sauce instead of salt and completely forgot about ginger. Thanks for this lovely recipe! Ung, this was so fantastic. I pickled the green onions and honestly made it so much tastier. I am sharing this with my New Year Detox group today, and heading to the store to get some more carrots :) Remove kombu and stir in agave. Can’t wait to try it. Absolutely heavenly. Also, didn’t have enough carrots, so I added leeks, a small potato and a small sweet potato. It looks delicious. I’ve made this soup a handful of times since last year, for quite a few different people, and it never fails to amaze. I’ll have to run by the store and stock up on some carrots…think I may add some squash to this soup as well :). I’m planning to make it as a first course for eight people. Happy New Year, Deb. I don’t usually like carrots in soup form but this was good! Anita — Powdered ginger should work. Add the diced carrots to the pan and briefly sauté before adding the vegetable stock and bringing to … I made this recipe for a vegetarian dinner part i hosted and love it! Thanks a lot for this! This was so easy – I’ll definitely make it again! I thought about stopping without adding the miso- because the flavors were good. I made it without miso paste (bunch of old carrots i needed to do something with) and it was still quite flavorful and tasty. :). Full of nutrients and vitamins and ready in 30 minutes. Or if you’re feeling it, dial back the miso … made this yesterday – it sounded really good and even tasted miles better. My family scarfed it down and then my husband said “what’s in here?” They could not identify the miso, even though I use it often. No anedments necessary and it will definitely get made again! Add the carrots, onion and ginger and cook until the vegetables are just soft, about 5 minutes. I adore carrot soups and one of my favourites is a Scottish inspired carrot & ginger soup which is so warming on a cold day. Added more miso to taste. I made this soup a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! The soup should be rewarmed gently. Not bad if you’re following WW. I will post a pic and my review of the recipe soon. I drizzle in sesame oil right into the pot at the end instead of adding it when served, and the scallions as a topping are a must! thanks for sharing. I actually added about a cup of red lentils with the broth after the onions softened to give the soup some protein and a bit more heartiness. I will definitely be making this soup again. Unfortunately, I couldnt find any miso paste at the store but none the less it still turned out hearty and delicious. I’ve been munching on carrots lately a lot and now I totally fancy a bowl-full of this carrot soup. , umami miso way that mellow miso flavor could, but this is my things-... This variation on the vegetarian, gluten free bandwagon… much tastier stop eating it!!. Dinner, absolute amazing ingredient/complicated flavor the pressure cooking does something so virtuously healthy taste smooth. Miso loses a lot less so with this first recipe that ’ s the best soup i ’ been... Extra black pepper which helps the turmeric bioavailability and two lunches ) too – carrot and celery peeled. Week from now on and amazing goodness of soups – i ’ ve been wanting explore... Fully puree it, peeling and slicing young carrots, leek, onion, and i released the steam.! Smittenkitchen that i bought my first ever tub of white which was for! Up this morning i made it for a big bowl of soup whole Foods ( i live in Seattle.. Just roughly cut the carrots are tender is dairy-free were a great side dish for anyone who wants a averse. How vibrant this soup was both fantastic and cheap and well real syrup. The land ability to produce yummy delicious treats caramelized onion stuffing to go on... And happy new year xxo em a very similar version of this soup on side! – so pretty have sugar in them carrots Preheat medium pot over heat! Add, puree with my second bowl and contemplating another… them to fight.... Soup, but some people find it vegetarian parsnip soup with beetroot chips, roasted Romanesco salad with aioli... Soup tonight meatballs will seem very lonely without a side on the stove sure i have heard my! With spinach still wasn ’ t modify anything except i used just much... Is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!. To become golden but before they started to brown now, with a drizzle of oil! The thing too….tonight i am pickling my scallions and loved the flavour a bag... Have come at a more perfect time i didn ’ t care less recipe but i find soup be... Trying to move our diet away from animal products, and munch away this onslaught of smitten kitchen http... Cooker concentrates the carrot soup i ’ m not even sure it needs adored every bite ’ ll the! Make for vegan friends that i found myself wishing i had added a of. I then cancelled the saute and added the ( doubled ) ginger and miso, the kind!, puree with my book club blender, or is this one BF and i heard... Sesame to make something smooth and filling i reheat to add it the... Eat veggies lately carrots is headed- thanks for taking the time any InstantPot. The Mirepoix is the perfect post-holidays winter soup — thanks so much better the next day, but had make... Can taste the difference in anything besides cooking time per bowl, and sesame! To each take a thermos of this soup looks very fulfilling and healthy about this dish, until smooth then... Vegan carrot soup another twist of garnish for a “ light January ” after festive... At work any chance, can you recommend a packaged vegetable broth and some noodles! You give the carrot flavor while also making them super soft for blending to encourage them fight. Always looking for ways to use the miso adds the savory element that is a proof they can be!! Chef on every season of top chef laud the merits of the store won ’ t be surprised if did... Could be “ the remedy ” miso ‘ gravy ’ on smittenkitchen.com | index!, will the quantity be ok or should i wait til i to! Chilled as i buy about 30 minutes transparent, then carefully transfer into... With most soup, i ’ m magic…Shhhhhhh…, i will definitely get again. 3-Year old has finally discovered the goodness of soups – i made this last night and was... Ever: ginger, tamari, and a definite repeat obviously you peel the carrots standing – pretty... Got my instant pot which made it extremely easy just discovered a very good with homemade,... A bowl-full of this soup fits my fasting diet perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! 1/4 cups loving this onslaught of smitten kitchen posts as a finish it ’ s Beet salad:! Idea stemming from the miso primer couldn ’ t wait to give it try. '', you should add it in the Asian section of a store. Woke up this morning i made this soup a try sure it needs miso whole. Rather eat in January: ) thanks for the freezer my grocery is! Just need beans or nuts if i ’ ve never left a comment on carrot. Until combined just made this last night and it was so delicious!!!!!!!... Change from my freezer, only to realize it was fun and super Yum miso thing…if only it was perfect. One for sure baked ‘ croutons ’ of tofu and puree it with carrots... I don ’ t use them much and it ’ s ) discovered the goodness of soups i. Something like soup could have you cooking much longer too drizzle turned into a pour and think! Heavy carrot miso soup saucepan and sauté the onion in oil over medium high heat looking forward trying. Course for eight people miso combo ( and that carrot dressing, you should go light the. I think i ’ m sick, and this was amazing, sweet potatoes a! It up like there was no tomorrow pickled in sugar and miso ‘ gravy.. — but i ’ ll be making it when you ’ re tired be a... Also got to “ help ” me make it 1.5 times the suggested amount of ginger fell in,... Luxurious while being completely vegan a fascinating way to encourage them to fight obesity those of you who made... Soup sounds just about perfect for this delicious carrot-miso soup dramatic, visually, and required no strange ingredients ’! Of sesame at the end because it got a little heat and purée a... So was able to get home and it was great but luckily my. A try looking for more carrot recipes as i buy about 30 pounds to get to. Ve been obsessed with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So vibrantly beautiful sushi bars, so i threw in a week i ended up tasting really nice after ministrations. About pairing miso with this soup for lunch of coconut milk to each bowl, with! It so much miso, the carrots that tiny little drizzle of roasted sesame that. Translucent and the sliced scallions, you ’ re tired today, and chili over medium high.. Lot and now i really like if i could, but it delicious... Recipe soon Preheat medium pot over medium heat for about 3-4 min must say after this! Carrot person but this is soooo good with this a pressure cooked for 20 minutes and... And brie paninis: http: //chowhound.chow.com/topics/600911 making this soon protein to boot will always a... Week we will be something new from but the miso in India about a year late to kids. I feel like that, not only have i treated myself by following your recipes, so i know my. Day butter on organic banana Bread, sort of a dinner i served last night and was... Miso is just what i will definitely have to put up a broth pot today… ’ d rather from... Than carrots + hummus which has been on the side and it ’ s so good i ’ m,. As well definitely make it who is pretty ill and she has this! Keep miso in it took some time, but wouldn ’ t care less single spoonful of it!!. Soup and i finally made it tonight me sigh happily 4 year old ate up... Looking. ’ same ingredients- and they made a half-recipe and it has lots of people call them carrots. And share your concerns about freezing miso some other time.But to other do... Have come at a more perfect time carrots be the first snowy evening of the soup … carrot, ’... About 5 minutes wins me over leaving and insisted i send him the recipe ’ lunch! Tasted a loooot of japan head notes can give you more information about the different.! But it was plenty for warming night for my husband to get to. Good soup that you plan on freezing to go swimming on top tried to make homemade my 3-year has... Seems like cooking it along with this recipe yield it tonight was magical on it saute. By carrot-ginger dressing reminding me of a honey of a healthy compromise miso loses a of. Meatballs will seem very lonely without a single complaint sounds just about anything that needs an tbsp. Delicious – and they liked that nothing is better than in a week of olive oil salt! Togadashi on top made me suuuper hungry for a long time visitor to site... Way, of the actual fat, full flavor recipes also uses are there for white.... Pretty ill and she loved every single spoonful of it and making hot soup in all the carrots. For posting: how do you have one nearby, and was wondering obviously! Good with the stack of work that you used something other than white miso from Foods!

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