The gravy is savory with a bit of sweet tanginess, making the tender chicken melt in your mouth. Definitely get in line for one of these bad boys if you’re a fan of cayenne pepper and pickle chips. Carl’s Jr.’s Hand-breaded Chicken Tenders are heavily breaded and, unfortunately, that breading is prone to absorbing lots of oil. It's crispy, succulent, juicy, greasy, tender and ohhh sooo good. 2. These tenders don’t need sauce and that’s the best thing about them. They compared Church’s, Popeye’s, KFC, and Chick-fil-A. Livers and gizzards can be a hearty addition to your diet, but not this way. The only problem is that the Chicken Fingerz can be a tad bland at times, so you may want to add a side of their Zax Sauce to spice up the meal. You can tell that for Dairy Queen, chicken strips are just a fun side item. Or get yourself an extra side of Chicken Fingerz, because sometimes this sandwich can use some more meat. They really found their niche with the introduction of this new menu item. Oh, and did I mention there are Reddit pages devoted to hating whatever the WhatasSauce spread on those buns is? They had, objectively, the best fast-food chicken nuggets, but only offered them for six months before discontinuing them. We sampled fried chicken from four popular fast food chains: Popeyes; Church's Chicken… This. Have you ever wondered what deep-fried gummy worms look like? Marketing aside, there’s a reason Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich was the squawk of the summer in 2019. But which are the best? This plucky little coop serves up one tasty crispy sandwich. If done right, the RODEO Crispy Chicken Sandwich could have been Burger King’s blue ribbon winner. They take two pieces of their delicious Texas toast and add their signature Chicken Fingerz with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese and mayo. Oh man, do we love that chicken from Popeye’s. They are very crispy, arguably chicken, and definitely strips! They don’t call it Chickenjoy for nothing! The chicken is a tad bland, and the shredded lettuce is often a mess. They have a Crispy Chicken Taco and a Crispy Chicken Epic Burrito, both of which are delicious and use the same chicken. But again — no one’s complaining! So why has Burger King had this sandwich cooped up for so long? You can tell the chicken at Chick-fil-A is pre-marinated and the use of peanut oil leaves the chicken juicy yet crispy. After Popeyes dominated the summer with its own fried chicken sandwich, we say the more chicken, the merrier! A good recipe goes a long way. At best, you’ll get a Sitting at the Dock of the Bay, maybe. I’m not so sure Mango Hanabero pairs well with hot cheddar cheese, so plan your order accordingly. Best of all, their ratio of chicken, fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles and buttermilk-herb mayo is as reliable as it is delicious. It’s the bare minimum, but it’s also the top-selling fried chicken sandwich in the country. To find the best fast food fried chicken sandwich, I did … In reality, that makes it the worst fried chicken sandwich on this list, but because we’re about to ruffle their feathers, the least we could do is give them a compliment. Fast-food joints can too often lack in their promise for spicy fried chicken tenders, but Culver’s delivers. Better luck next time, small fry. How did you manage that Jack in the Box? Where’s the flavor Jack was promising?! Don’t believe us? Are Chicken Fries chicken strips or are they nuggets formed into a finger? Actually, it’s more like insanity. Don’t ruffle your feathers quite yet. chicken tenders), or their bone-in Chickenjoy. Chicken strips. Keep reading below to see which fast-food chicken sandwiches to skip ordering and which are the best option to enjoy every once in a while. But the Crispy Chicken Tenders are less oily which is likely why they are the permanent menu fixture. It’s a sauce utopia. The juiciness of the meat can make the crunchy breading soggy in a few minutes, so you have to gobble it up fast to enjoy it at the right consistency. Options like Mango Habanero, Spicy Korean Q, Louisiana Rub and Atomic-level spicy set the tone for a wild serving of fried chicken. It’s better than BBQ sauce, better than Ranch, better than Thousand Island. We promise you we’re almost in FlavorTown. Two slices of Monterey jack cheese. I’m not here for the pseudo-healthy wheat bun mixing with a guilty pleasure like fried chicken. 5 KFC KFC, until 1991 known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. That is not the case with this sandwich. Culver’s got its start in Wisconsin back in ‘84 before spreading throughout the Midwest thanks to their famous Butterburger. Really flat, mostly batter, the Jack in the Box Crispy Chicken Strips have the most accurate name of all chicken tenders on this list. We say, order those instead. If you haven’t tried Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, do yourself a favor and fly to the nearest one immediately. Undercooked. White Castle created something truly magical after finding a waffle iron. Think Deep-Fried Turkey. By These things are mostly batter with a thin sliver of white meat chicken breast inside. This is going to sound bird-brained, but this sandwich needs a better chicken-to-bread ratio. But as each restaurant cooks up new tasty, deep-fried meals, it made us wonder — which place has the best fried chicken? Sure, the majority of fast food joints have chicken nuggets, but those puppies disappear in four bites. The world was paying an ir-egg-ular amount of attention to the arrival of this delicious sandwich, but upon eating it — everything made sense. Ranking Fast Food Fried Chicken | Bless Your Rank - YouTube Online reviews of this sandwich are severely lacking in that sweet, Southern charm. But the Chick-fil-A nugget is far superior because its bite-sized shape delivers the perfect balance of batter and chicken. There’s simply too much dressing and too many oily toppings for one sandwich to handle! KFC upped the ante on their sandwich by offering three varieties of the Crispy Colonel: Smoky Mountain BBQ, Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold. Look, if you have to introduce your product to the world with a tagline like "it’s still finger-lickin’ good," then you know you’re serving something far from tasty. Even if we put aesthetics aside and focus on the flavors, the Chicken Fries are a major fail. We know we just made a turkey reference, but give us a break. They take a crispy chicken breast, cover it in creamy country gravy, top it with bacon crumbles and sandwich it between two Belgian waffles. The folks at Raising Cane’s prepared a solid fried chicken sandwich with a simple Kaiser roll, piece of lettuce and their special Cane Sauce to amplify the taste of the crispy tenders. This franchise, namesake aside, hardly seems like a winner. If you’re looking to try this sandwich, ask for extra bacon and cheese to bring out the flavors. Who knew it was possible to get a zero on this list? Cajun-infused fried chicken tenders in between a warm biscuit does not a breakfast make. It’s truly great to be a chicken tender fan in fast-food country. Or grab yourself a sandwich that’s higher up on the list. Plus, they have a very tasty signature Cane Sauce to add a peppery, zesty punch. Jack in the Box has finally thrown its cone-shaped hat into the spicy chicken space and the results are pretty solid. SCORE: FIVE CURRENT-DAY CRYERS AND A DUCKIE FOR GOOD MEASURE. Hattie B’s started out in Nashville in 2012 but has quickly spread with locations in Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta and Las Vegas. You can fill up your tank while snagging one sweet, Cajun sandwich. When faced with a choice between Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeye's and Mrs. Dairy Queen, Arby’s, and Sonic’s Chicken Strips might be practically interchangeable, but DQ provides us with just a little more chicken and the opportunity to dip these babies in white gravy which puts it over the edge. It’s a way of life. But beware— this is a delicacy that is not treated delicately. A new entry on our list, Del Taco’s Crispy Chicken Strips look good. In November 2019, Taco Bell became the latest fast-food joint to throw cash in on America’s fried chicken frenzy. The biscuits and fixings tend to be better than the chicken itself. And so what if KKC is attached to gas stations? It’s no secret their chicken is delicious, but their choice of sauces really ups the ante. It’s often dry, bland and lacking essential flavors that make eating fried chicken sandwiches so enjoyable. Still, there’s something lacking about these chicken tenders. This is a list of notable chicken restaurants.This list includes casual dining, fast casual and fast food restaurants which typically specialize in chicken dishes such as fried chicken, chicken and waffles, Chicken sandwiches or chicken and biscuits. We’d be lying if we said we cared. You can’t try to sell us on a giant fried chicken sandwich and give a regular-sized patty with smaller portions. Good, it should! And when it comes to the texture, the Selects are often stringy and tasteless. Colonel Harland Sanders opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise way back in 1952. But as each restaurant cooks up new tasty, deep-fried meals, it made us wonder — which place has the best fried chicken? Because unlike Jack in the Box, Popeyes keeps their chicken consistent, and they’re better for that! how did you like this article? Fried chicken is undoubtedly the most savoured food, which is easily available around the world. So dependable. The tasty tenders are a solid example of finger-lickin’ fried chicken. Plus, the nuggets are juicier than the tenders, which look a little too much like battered severed fingers. They’re also leagues better than Jack in the Box’s new Spicy Chicken Strips. They’re long, thin and available in a possessed-looking french fry box. This family-owned joint is a new contender in the chickenfight for the country’s best fried chicken. Then you’re opening yourself up to ridicule. Don’t get us wrong; all of the best flavors are in this sandwich, but it comes at a very sloppy price. No one is going to sing Try A Little Tenderness while eating these babies. But when you scroll through some of the Yelp reviews of some of their establishments, the food and service are reason enough to fly elsewhere. If you’ve got the stomach for it, try out a few… or all of their 12 different flavors. Maybe the legendary Popeye’s chicken sandwich will change your mind. If you want something cheap, dippable, and ultimately forgettable, this chicken will make a great midnight stoner snack run. But again, it’s not enough to move this clucktastrophe up the list. What-a-basic fried chicken sandwich. I’m getting queazy just thinking about these little morsels. Out of all of the options on their menu, this is the order to get. The addition of lettuce, tomato and creamy mayo is all well and good, but they need to bulk up on birds to qualify as a top fried chicken item. When Otis Redding sang Try a Little Tenderness, the stuttering chorus was most definitely a reference to the sound you make between bites of this chicken. We’re going out on a limb here, but a spicy sandwich should taste spicy, correct? The filet is fine, but the wheat bun takes the fun out of eating of a fried chicken sandwich. No, we’re not just talking about an economic downfall, the beginnings of a second civil rights movement, or the global pandemic, we just mean a lot has changed in the fast-food fried chicken space. Their attention to quality and detail is what helps separate these fingers from others. If you haven’t heard of Zaxby’s, then hightail it down to the Southeast. Arby’s Chicken Fingers, like every chicken tender on this list, aren’t bad, they’re just nothing special. Want to know why the chicken crossed the road? BK’s Chicken Fries are always perfectly crispy on the outside, with a unique batter seasoning that is full of pepper and we want to say … paprika? Another new entry on our list, Sonic’s Crispy Chicken Tenders are billed as being “lightly breaded.” I’m sorry, but in what world? A nice marmalade or a little butter could make it more of a believable breakfast dish, but this is just a dry, poor excuse for breakfast. Sadly, the sandwich is too ambitious for its own good. Does that sound disgusting? No eggs-cuses! The only drawback for customers is that the chicken can be a bit dry at times, but there’s always room for improvement. They just taste so incredibly processed that this is practically just a chicken nugget stretched out into the finger form factor. Fast-food stops like Chick-fil-A and PDQ offer up nuggets and sandwiches, while KFC and Popeyes serve crispy fried chicken on-the-go. Remember — presentation matters! They’ve made a successful business on selling just one thing. Oh, and don’t forget to pair your choice with one of their four dipping sauces. It’s just a big chunk of seasoned fried chicken with a little bit of butter on the bun and a smattering of pickles to bring in some zest. It leaves you with a juicier bite of chicken and we wish this was a permanent fixture on the menu. This giant fried chicken sandwich is, without a doubt, the best of them all. An order of Nibblerz consists of three Zaxby’s Chicken Fingerz smothered in Zaxby’s signature Zax Sauce and tucked inside of three tiny buns. So tasty. Don’t get us wrong, the batter is definitely the star of the show, but if you’re looking for a chicken tender that is a little more, well, tender, this isn’t the place for you. But is it all worth eating? If Dairy Queen put as much effort into its chicken as it does its ice cream, we’d have a real contender here. The best fried chicken restaurants in the South? This is ridiculous. Their restaurants feel more like a traditional fried chicken shack than any other chain. I didn’t think so. Paired with Cane’s Sauce — a thousand island variation that has a deep savory finish (we think it’s Worcestershire sauce, giving a bit of an umami quality) — you really taste the difference here. We take a look at the best-fried chicken restaurants and dishes around the world. It seems easy enough to make these a menu mainstay, so we’re hoping Jack in the Box keeps this spicy offering. The batter has a great consistency, so its thickness provides a killer crunch with the juicy chicken. Originally, we rated KFC higher than Popeye’s. This sandwich is a classic case of a restaurant cutting corners to serve the bare minimum. KFC gets credit for thinking outside the bucket with their plant-based experiment, but we’re looking for the real deal. Who orders chicken from here? They also have, objectively, the best fast-food dipping sauce thanks to their Purple Pepper Sauce, but only offer it as a limited time item every three … Seriously. Our original ranking consisted of just eight entries, this list has twelve! While it is incredibly delicious, don’t be a bird brain and drive while snacking. Size isn’t everything in a sandwich — unless you say your sandwich is big. Two of those original eight have since been discontinued, so we’d like to take this time to pay our last respects to both the ill-advised and quietly discontinued Wendy’s Chicken Tenders and McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, which were, oddly enough, canceled by COVID-19. Some are recipes you can make at home. If you’re hankering for something with a little less bite to it, you can try out the Homestyle Tenders option. And in true Southern tradition, this chicken shack offers up some deep-fried livers and gizzards. Just about every chain, whether a burger chain or fried chicken establishment, offers multiple versions. Oh, and don’t forget that spicy kick that comes with every last bite. Unlike whatever the hell was in those McDonald’s chicken tenders before COVID-19 discontinued them. Bojangles has some great dipping sauces to make your taste buds stop in the name of love. If you want Juicy and crispy fried chicken, you cannot go wrong here. But this is not the one. Look, Del Taco is pretty good, they just can’t make chicken strips. The best-kept secret of fast food in the South is Zaxby’s Nibblerz. One sandwich was both better and cheaper. The sandwich benefits from its thick-cut bacon, cheese and honey mustard, but the buttermilk fried chicken isn’t very flavorful. No to mention. Everybody knows spicy trumps non-spicy, but you wouldn’t know it if you’ve only had spicy chicken at the ‘ol JiB. آیا این مطلب رو دوست داشتید؟ Click on a heart to rate it! They aren’t just serving up square hamburgers these days. So it’s strangely surprising to taste a chicken tender that is both undeniably chicken and thankfully tender. The added kick of the spicy tenders adds complexity to the dipping sauce and leaves your taste buds longing for more. Even their grilled chicken sandwich, which is a safe bet at most fast food places, has more calories and fat than a McDonald's cheeseburger, not to mention double the sugar and sodium. Would you like an unseasoned, uncooked collection of bland vegetables in your fried chicken sandwich? Every once in a while, KFC will bring back Original Recipe Tenders, which we think are superior in flavor. Overcooked. Chick-fil-A’s Chick-n-Strips are simply good. The Filipino fast-food chain is slowly increasing its American locations, and fans couldn’t be jollier about it. But these days, chicken is far and away the most consumed meat in the United States. They’ve got plenty of good concoctions up their sleeves, and some of them are top contenders in this list! To prepare Thailand's most famous salad, pound garlic and chilies with a mortar and pestle. How about adding in the fact that the chicken is well marinated, and the bits of black pepper in the batter is, get this, actually pepper! It’s a dependable, albeit basic, sandwich among its competitors. KKC appears to have the warm biscuit under control, but breakfast chicken? The Chester Breaster sandwich bills itself as a “juicy boneless breast of chicken specially marinated, double hand-breaded, fried and served with lettuce & mayo on a sesame seed bun.” But if you ask the neighbors, it’s a dry, dull sandwich. There is a lot of debate over fried chicken. There are plenty of options, but in a quest for the best fast food fried chicken, Business Insider did a head to head comparison to see which of the top selling brands is the best. Get. Church’s has an im-peck-able recipe for fried chicken. And because talk is far from cheep, let us know how you feel about our fine feathered roundup! If you have to rely on adding Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Dipping Sauce to add some spice, you may want to rename your sandwich. Here, in no particular order, are my picks for the crispiest, crunchiest, finger-lickingest fried chicken on the planet. Their perfectly crispy fried chicken is always a little too big for its bun, which makes each bite chick-full of delicious meat. That’s one of the major mistakes we’d like to remedy this time around. Raising Cane’s has the most exquisite boneless chicken fingers this side of the drive-thru. We don’t want to tell Del Taco what to do but … stick with tacos … and burgers, and burritos, and mini churros, and salads. They have a slew of sauces if you want to jazz it up — and cheese, lettuce and tomato — but they’re so confident with their flavors that they give you the bare minimum. Poetry in deep-fried motion. There’s no amount of sweet and sour sauce in the world that can get these to taste good. If they didn’t get this right, that would be a real clucking shame. Yeah. Say goodbye to sausage and eggs or pancakes and hashbrowns and head to Whataburger. Let us know where you believe the best fast-food fried chicken in Pennsylvania can be found. There you have it! While they aren’t quite as good as Jack in the Box’s original Crispy Chicken Strips, they still pack a lot of meat and a lot of heat. While all three pack a flavorful punch, the chicken loses all crunch potential with the heavy dressings, so it’s best to go back to basics. Go to Burger King and grab yourself an order of Chicken Fries. A solid effort from JiB but a pale comparison to the original, which somehow packed more flavor despite being less spiced! Hard to say, but regardless, these are damn good. Reviews for Chester’s are not kind in regards to this option. It holds them back from being truly great because sometimes they can be a soggy mess, batter slipping off the meat and straight into your sauce, splashing all over your shirt, pretty much ruining your day and making you look foolish. Oh, just us? I tried chicken sandwiches from eight major fast-food chains, including Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and KFC. It offers a wide variety of dishes on its menu. Arby’s prides itself on serving quality deli meats at their restaurants, and they follow through when you compare their bacon and Swiss to other fast-food joints’ versions. This is the type of chicken tender you fling yourself around a record store for. The Spicy Chicken Caesar Sandwich is the royal burger joint’s fine-feathered offering. Chick-fil-A has the most varied amount of sauces next to McDonald’s, but unlike McDonald’s, there are no strict sauce limit laws here. We need more chicken! Getting 38 grams of protein over lunch sounds great, but it comes at a cost. ... and are overall an underrated side in the fast food world. The Chick-fil-A Sauce is a creamy delight. McDonald’s has the high honor of having the first fried chicken sandwich on the list. When you wake up in the morning, a breakfast sandwich usually calls for some bacon, eggs, a warm bun and maybe some cheese or avocado to add a nice touch. We all know we’re here for fried chicken. A good piece of fried chicken has to achieve the difficult balance of being crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. It’s like an assortment of tiny fried entrails with a box featuring the dreaded poultrygeist. A boring attempt at making an American fast food staple. Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins in the culinary world. The peppery chicken simply doesn’t have enough surface space to support the Muenster cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and creamed avocado. Look, I’m not going to hate on Whataburger for lacking in perfecting the art of a fried chicken sando. Aside from that, skip these. We’re a little older, a little wiser, a little less smooth, but our love for chicken is still true. Apparently, there are egg-ceptions. Every Chickenjoy order comes with Jollibee’s signature gravy for some good finger-licking dipping. Explain yourself. The Polynesian Sauce is tangy and sweet. Are they the most boring thing on the Chick-fil-A menu? KFC is heaven. But that isn’t to say KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders aren’t good. The batter is incredibly crispy and full of texture, our only gripe is that the amount of chicken inside is thinner than we’d like. These are mid-tier strips, and they’re pretty damn good. The white-meat chicken filet is flavored with just the right amount of heat before getting fried and topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, shaved Parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar sauce. And yes, there’s plenty of fowl humor to get you through the countdown. We tried the standard fried chicken sandwiches, whether chicken patty-like or chicken fillet-like, from KFC, Popeye's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, and Burger King. It’s a quarter-pound of meat (pre-cooked) sandwiched between two small pieces of bread. Not all restaurants get it right — which is why we set out to find which ones do. Throwing a salad on top of the sandwich doesn’t make it healthy. But don’t shake your tailfeather at the rest of their menu! To get away from all of these extra ingredients! Unfortunately, they’re lacking in the fried chicken department. Who amongst us hasn’t broken out into our own rendition of Try a Little Tenderness after biting into a perfectly fried golden brown chicken tender? It is very simple to make. Another classic fast food chicken sandwich is the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Meet Japan's Amazing Cat Islands: Purr-Fect for Cat Lovers, Supermarket Superhero: How to Be a Friendly Neighborhood Shopper During the Pandemic, From Batwoman to Miss America: These Characters Are Queering the Superhero Genre, Awards Show Voters Are Sleeping on These Films & Performances From 2019, Attention Nature Lovers: These Are America’s Favorite City Parks, Ranked, These Shows Are Broadway's Blockbusters — and Fantastic Flops, Photo Courtesy: Evan Amos/Wikimedia Commons, Photo Courtesy:, Photo Courtesy: Checkingfax/Wikimedia Commons, Photo Courtesy: MrMoneyAD Food Reviews/YouTube. These days, the top hen in the henhouse is Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Sandwich. Yes, this adorable little sandwich has all the makings of a delicious treat: very crispy chicken, sweet-as-pie pickles and a healthy dose of mayonnaise. It’s the perfect dipping equation from this Louisiana-based restaurant’s incredible menu. 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Occasionally Popeye’s will do a spin on the chicken tender for special promotions. But why are Popeyes’ strips lumped together while Jack in the Box gets its own entry for each strip type? The chicken is always juicy and the batter and marinade are flavorful and have a complexity that is more than just…grease. When you bite into a chicken tender you’re going in with a few expectations. Great…now we’re hungry. The only trouble with eating Church’s fried chicken is that the chicken is too juicy. All are crispy, meaty, and delicious. Into. Moving on — as I said, times have changed. It’s a unique, savory and soul-satisfying sandwich. No, that would be the Grilled Tenders, but the Chick-n-Strips are a close second! The 2020 forecast projects that the average American will eat 99 pounds of chicken for the year, which is far higher than beef (57 pounds) or pork (53 pounds).. KFC, the granddaddy of fast food chicken, was born in 1930 in, of course, Kentucky. 0 (0) World Famous Hot Star Fried Chicken in Ximending, Taipei! What exactly is going on here?! Was Raising Cane’s around when Try a Little Tenderness was in the zeitgeist? Just like many of the chicken sandwiches you will find on this list, Wendy’s variation is topped … The bacon is usually super thin and far from crispy, which is totally unacceptable. Turns out the Midwest can throw down in the spice department! Very delicious, but just shy of greatness and proof that maybe we should’ve implemented a HALF-CRYER rating system. Narrowing down an iconic dish like fried chicken in the South to merely 10 locations is pretty much impossible. Take a look at this picture of McDonald’s Premium Chicken Selects. Just the right blend of brown sugar and hot Cajun spices actually makes each bite nice and flavorful. Whataburger, the Texas-based chain knows how to make big burgers, but don’t count them out in the chicken department. The batter is crispy, but not overly flaky, offering large chunks of tender white chicken breast with every bite. Popeyes Bonafide Chicken Thigh: Hunnes explains that this is a close second because it only contains 10 more calories and 60 more milligrams of sodium. It’s the perfect combination of crispy chicken with tasty Zax Sauce (which tastes like ketchup, mayo, garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce mixed together). Sometimes, a crispy chicken sandwich is needed. We’ve taken a look at each contender’s menus and based our ranking on user reviews (and our stomachs) to determine which fast-food joint serves the best fried chicken meal. The chicken tends to be pretty dry and severely lacks in the spice department. Wingstop is obviously proud of their strong wing game, but don’t shake a tail feather at their crispy tenders. This is a story about the best fast food fried chicken. Word to you other chicken pushers — white gravy is the superior dipping sauce. They also avoid using heat lamps to make sure customers can count on quality. Each bite is a risk of toppling the whole thing over. Our original chicken tender ranking was judged on a scale of Jon Cryer’s as Duckie from Pretty in Pink thanks to his character’s passionate lip-syncing performance of Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness — that Duckie would’ve killed it on Tik Tok — and our almost romantic obsession with the chicken finger, which we think is a near-perfect food. Even their Buffalo Sauce packs a unique punch. With 29 restaurants and counting, Gus’s (yes, that extra S is perplexing) promises to prepare “fresh, never frozen, natural, hormone-free chicken and deep-fried in peanut oil.” Their meticulous attention to detail and Southern hospitality makes for one seriously delicious fast-casual meal. It’s a solid balance of flavors, and the chicken doesn’t get soggy from all of the additional ingredients. Meanwhile, Sonic’s version of the fried chicken sandwich has all of the elements people usually look for but fails to impress in the end. But the thing is, if you’re rolling up to Arby’s, you’re probably getting the roast beef. For a trip to Mrs. Winner’s, you’ll need to head to the Southeast to wrestle yourself up a nice two-piece dinner combo. Still, one of the customers’ favorites is the fried chicken — be it their breakfast chicken sandwich, their boneless chicken dippers (a.k.a. They are! Hattie B’s deliciously spicy sandwich sticks to Nashville’s traditional hot chicken recipe. The Louisiana-style chicken is the best rendition you’re gonna find at any fast food joint. They promise meat that’s always fresh, never frozen, and blended with a special marinade to lock in moisture and flavor. Thirty fried feasts plucked from the finest fast-food establishments in the country. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123 more. Like the actual Supremes without Diana Ross, for example. Seasoned with peppery spices and fried, the chicken breast is moderately juicy. It’s unavoidable. But don’t worry. The only real tragedy is that this delicious sandwich is only available from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. Find yourself a rooster, put it next to your bed and don’t miss this morning masterpiece.

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