Active Ingredient and Substances: The leaves contain essential oil (with estragole, caryophyllene and eugenol), flavonoids (afzelin, cynaroside, luteolin, quercetin), tannins and procyanidins.. We know that avocado fruit is one of the best natural skincare that we can use but who knows that the health benefits of avocado leaves is also good for your skin care routine? When water boils down to half, remove avocado leaves from water and drink before going to bed while being hot. It is known also as the butter fruit that shaped like peer with green skin and yellow flesh. Serotonin plays the important role in regulating the mood, control the appetite, and sleep. An oral thrush is a condition of an abnormal sore which occur in the mouth by the form of strange rush that is caused by fungal infection. Kidney stone is a serious health problem that can lead to another fatal disease such as kidney failure.if you facing a problem with kidney stone, consuming avocado leaf can be a good alternative since it contain many phytochemical s such as alkaloid, saponin and flavonoids that have ability to destroy the stone inside your kidney and make a better function of the organ.  To get the health benefits of avocado leaves you can simply makes avocado leaves tea by boiling 8 pieces of leaves in a cup of water until it stay for half cup. The avocado leaves contain anti-convulsant agent that is also known as antiepileptic or as antiseizure drugs. You can try to consume the tea of avocado leaves when you got attacked by a heavy pain on the backside or on another area of the head. Avocado leaves are usually consumed as a tea. Not only known for it’s antibacterial effect, avocado leaves also contain some anti-fungal agent that can help you to eliminate oral thrush. Each of these claims have research to prove its viability. The estragole substance in avocado leaves can increase the breast milk production in women. To get this benefit you have to mash the avocado young leaves and apply them to your skin 5-10 minutes, then wash it. 1. Not only rich in protein and fiber, avocado leaves also contain some of mineral such as magnesium, sodium, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus in proper amount. Steep for at least 15-20 minutes then allows the tea to cool. It can also be a good hair mask to solve your dull and bad hair problem. The maximum result of the extract was reported after six hour consumption of the leaves. Avocado leaf nutrition – Impressive! You’ll gain plenty of health benefits from drinking, eating and using avocado leaves in other ways too. However, few people know that avocado leaves have significant health benefits. Here are just a few health benefits of avocado tea made from avocado leaves: Antioxidants Remove Free Radicals. The quercetin and pinene compound of avocado leaves can help to cure a headache. Cure kidney stones The health benefits of avocado leaves are the most potent for kidney stones, the essential content of various substances in avocado leaves can help eradicate … Just mash some of young avocado leaves into a thick paste then rub it on your hair before you wash your hair. For your information, some people also said that the avocado leaves also can reduce the pain of arthritis and other types of pain which induce by inflammation process inside the body. Top 20 Secret Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds, 10+ Health Benefits of Malunggay Leaves More than Others, 7 Incredible Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Healing, 19 Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves that You Might Not Aware, 10 Surprising Facts about Benefits of Kamias for Human Health, 15+ Remarkable Health Benefits of Lipton Tea, 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Essiac Tea For Cancer Patient, 15 Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for Peacefull Mind Body, Top 19 Scientific Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil Are Revealed, 15 Incredible Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea for Digestive, 12 Marvelous Health Benefits of Urine Therapy. The limonene contained in avocado leaves has also the mechanism to keep the digestive balance and improve the intestinal function. (Read: Health benefits of avocado during pregnancy). Using traditional way to cure a disease is sometime never be a fail. 19. Here are 20 health benefits of avocado leaves for our body: 1.Protect the body from degenerative disease. A study which held by Adeyemi et al in 2002 reported that avocado leaves contain an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that can reduce the pain of several body part including back pain. Avocado is a Nutrient Powerhouse. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Have a look at some of the health benefits of the avocado … Here are 20 health benefits of avocado that will help you get fitter, leaner and improve your overall health. Avocado leaves contain the antioxidant which can help to clean the skin and pore. The portions of the Scent can be used as a treatment that is the whole herbs (leaves, stalks, stems, and flowers), seeds and essential oils. Even so, the health benefits of avocado leaves on cancer still need more plenty of study. Avocado leaves have potent benefits in fighting stomach ulcer and relieve gastritis as well as bloating problem. Another good health benefits of avocado leaves that you must know is its effect in curing diarrhea which is caused by bacteria infection especially Escherichia coli.Avocado leaves contain a a great number of saponin which known as one of the plant flavonoid with its strong effect. A tree can grow up to 20 meters and the leaves are 10-12 cm long. I trust it will work well for me. As the consequence, these vitamins can be valuable to promote the blood flow and improve brain health including the cognitive skills. Avocado comes from a tree called Persea Americana that originates from Mexico a … This part of avocado plant contains protein, fiber, mineral and phytochemicals that are useful for human health.  If you are curious about the nutrients and health benefits of avocado leaves, let’s take a look this matter closely. In addition, the limonene content brings also the health benefits to reduce anxiety well. Promotes Brain Health. With nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving, avocados rate incredibly high in essential nutrients. To get the benefits from these leaves, you will want to make avocado leaf tea. Gastroenteritis As anti-inflammatory Scent has the same effectiveness as aspirin and ibuprofen. 4. Avocado leaves contain limonene which acts as the appetite suppressant so you can control your intake and prevent weight gain. Simply add 3 tablespoons of a crushed avocado leaf to 1 liter of boiling water. One of the health benefits of guava leaves is to promote brain health. Still finding a way to lose weight in a healthy diet? You can add honey to enhance the taste. However, avocado leaves also contain a large amount of vitamins and healthy acids, which can significantly improve your health. Quercetin effect in avocado leaves can reduce the swelling of the body through its mechanism in minimizing the inflammatory substance. Easy right? Do this treatment three times a day and notice the result after some days. 20 Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves (No.4 Potent), Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, Health benefits of avocado during pregnancy, 19 Health Benefits of Scent Leaf (No.9 For Smoke Man). An animal study validated this usage too. Cure Kidney Stones. It can occur the body if the cells DNA mutate and can not control its growth. In fact, one cup of avocado provides 21 grams of fat. 20 Health benefits of avocado leaves have been explained above. However, it’s not only its fruit that has health benefits, the avocado leaves have many health benefits also. Often people use only avocado fruit as food. Read on to learn about these 5 Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves! The pinene content in avocado leaves can reduce the pain in all part of the body, especially for the back pain. They’re rich in flavonol, quercetin, glycoside, polyphenol, estragole, alpha and beta pinene, cineol, limonene, serotonin, flavonoids – nutrients that are very useful for our body. While another type of avocado plant, the Mexican avocado is consider as save to be consumed. Ulcer is a kind of inflammation that usually happened in the stomach by the presence of strong acid which destroy the stomach wall. The effect of anti-convulsant of avocado leaves is connected to it’s  function in blocking sodium channels or enhance the GABA mechanism which trigger the rise of epilepsy. Health Benefits of Avocado Tea Leaves. How it works? To make this tea, follow these steps: Wash 3 pieces of avocado leave. This benefit is linked to the presence of vitamin B3 or niacin and B6 as well. Another French study also found that the health benefits of avocado leaves extract can also stimulate cartilage repair and cure the pain as the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs. Chewing the leaves can soothe oral discomfort like reducing inflamed gums and mild toothaches. Avocados are a naturally nutrient-dense food and contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.  The leaves of avocado contain some effective analgesic substance such as quercetin and penine that can relieve the tension of headache by blocking the path of neurotransmitter or pain impulse to reach the brain. The avocado leaves contain a large number of saponins known as one of the flavonoids from the plant with its strong effect. Allow the tea until it gets warm. • Helps To Lose Weight: One of the benefits of avocado leaves tea is that it helps to lose weight. Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves. Avocados are known for their antioxidants. Strain and  drink the tea twice a day until you get better. These substances can inhibit the cancer cell growth and act as chemoprotective agents. Diabetes is a common health problem and nowadays it affects most of population over the world. The avocado is a rather unique fruit. Health Benefits Of Avocado. 18. Drink it every morning and evening for 10 days or until the gravel or froth come out via urinating. Protein: A 2012 paper on the nutrition composition of avocado leaves revealed that 100 grams of the leaf, give 25.54 grams of protein. 4. Avocado leaves contain magnesium that can help to lower the blood the blood pressure and reduce the chance of suffering hypertension. The flavonol compound in avocado leaves can purify the blood from any toxic substances and remove them via urine. It helps you to urinate well to remove out your waste product of metabolism. Cancer is a disease which has became nightmare for modern people nowadays. To keep your blood pressure in normal condition, you can consume avocado leaves or the tea in regular basis but keep in mind that before you consume it, please consult it with your doctor or any medical expert. Avocado leaves contain quercetin which acts as diuretic agent. It can be eliminated by polyphenol content in avocado leaves. But any way you slice it, the nutrient avocados offer the most of is fat. Glycoside can replace the sugar that the body needs and give the full feeling so it will stop you from consuming the excessive calories of your ordinary sugar. Thrush can come from the bacteria or damage in oral cavity area. A research that conducted by Bamidale Owoyele and his college from University of Ilorin has proved that the extract of avocado leaves posses an anti-ulcerogenic effect that could be a reason why this health benefits of avocado leaves is effective to cure ulcer especially in some folk medicine. 1. Rinse with warm water and do it regularly until the swollen parts of the body healed. Simply consume the leaves if you are suffering diarrhea and have no medicine or any doctor around you to help. Avocados are known to be high in antioxidants, but avocado leaves have even higher concentrations than the fruit. Main Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves Helps lower blood sugar levels: Initial studies have found that avocado leaves have effects on lowering blood sugar. 1 Lowers Blood Pressure. A research that held by Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2013 found that saponin along with other phytochemicals substance such tannin can significantly reduce the bacterial infection and help to stop the diarrhea. Avocado leaves contain polyphenol and pinene, substances that can inhibit the growth of bacteria. To gets the strong effect of quercetin, you can directly mashed the leaves and put it on the swollen body parts, wrap it with bandage and leave for 2 until 4 hours. Here are the top five benefits that they can bring to your life. A study which conducted by Ojewole JA and Amabeoku GJ in 2006 which published in the Publication of Medicine journal reported that Various parts of avocado including the leaves are commonly  used by African as traditional medicines to control and treat many human ailments, including epilepsy and  childhood convulsions. It also can help to minimize and avoid the effect of free radicals which leads to skin damage and worse inflammation in the body. The avocado fruit is considered one the most nutritious of all fruits and very high in calories (220 kcal per 100 g). Some scientist reported that the leaves of some variant avocado plant could possibly contain amount of toxic which is dangerous to be consume such as the Guatemalan avocado plant. One of the most potent health benefits of pandan leaves is its efficacy at lowering blood pressure. Today, we will talk about the 20 health benefits of pandan leaves and how you can prepare this for your consumption and topical use. Digestion. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. No wonder if many health benefits of avocado leaves is now being concerned. Avocado leaves can be boiled to make a tea, made into a puree that is applied directly onto the skin, or mixed with other ingredients to make a healthy snack. If the food gets digested every day, the entire lifestyle gets affected in a good way because it’s more like a chain that is connected to one another. This brings the avocado leaves benefits to prevent the early aging as well. Apart from its unmistakable fragrance, pandan leaves actually carry a lot of health benefits. The puree works perfectly as a natural skin care product. Boil the water until it remain a cup, strain and drink it warm before go to bed. The results of this study are encouraging for diabetics. The limonene contained in avocado leaves can act as the natural remedy to stabilize the blood pressure and prevent from hypertension condition. This substance has a bronchodilator effect, reduce the inflammation, and increase the airflow to the lung. So if you want to try the avocado leaves consumption consult your doctor first to discuss its effect to your body and how you should consume it. The fruit of the avocado is low-calorie and comes with strong healing properties. Health benefits of avocado leaves are something you can use on a daily basis. A study which published in EXCLI journal Experimental and Clinical Science at 2015 reported that the laves of Persea Americana or avocado leaves has anti-obesity effect that significantly causing 25% weight gain reduction in the body if its consumed in regular based. Every 100 gram avocado leaves contain 25.54 g protein and 38.40 g fiber which is greater than the fruit that only contains about 1.60 g protein and 2.06 g fiber in same amount. may be you just need to put some avocado leaves in your salad, soup or even your smoothies, even the taste will not satisfy you. Apr 4, 2017 - 20 Proven health benefits of avocado leaves including correct uses tips to get full of its positive effect to cure deadly diseases. The leaves of avocado contain some pigment which is good to maintain a black shiny hair. Talking about phytochemicals, the leaf of avocado also has greater number than the fruit and the seed especially the flavonoid and phenols content. Sep 5, 2016 - We know that avocado is extremely health beneficial and nutritional, but did you know that the avocado’s leaves have some amazing health benefits as well? The phytochemical content especially the quercetin, a natural bioflavonoid in avocado leaves posses the benefits of reducing swelling that usually occur in the body during recovery process of wound such as after surgery. So what makes this gorgeously green fruit such a hit? Avocado leaves contain strong antioxidant effect which posses by the presence of it’s flavonoid and phenols content.the antioxidant of the avocado leaves can reduce the free radical effect and protect the cells from damage.

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