As an early adopter of podcasting, Sean has produced over 1,000 hours of podcasts ranging from a variety of different topics. This led to over 1 million downloads and multiple sponsorships.

Journalism Experience

Over 20 years as a writer, videographer, podcaster, photographer, producer, and interviewer for various media outlets. Received a bachelors degree in Communications and Television Production.

Anime 3000

Produced over 1,000 interviews, videos, articles and podcasts through the media network,

Crunchyroll News

Contributed over 80 articles for the anime distributor,

Hollywood Circle Magazine

Serves as a marketing consultant, supporting the festival with marketing, event promotion, social media, and media production.

Miami New Times

Contributed a column and reviews for Miami New Times Magazine.

NBC 6 Miami

Produced an on-air news package as a broadcaster during my senior year as a student at Hallandale High School. 

Topspot USA

Produced over 200 interviews, podcasts, videos and interviews.

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